Apr 7, 2008

You Know You've Made It Big When...

Scribbled by Perky |

Someone plagiarizes your work. Really, I thought that being a small time blogger (I do not have 20,000+ readers unlike someone I know *wink*) that I would not suffer such heinous crime but I suppose I'm not that small afterall.

You know, Nuffnang is such a wonderful tool to have. Apart from making "serious" moolah from advertisers, it also allows me to keep track of my readers. It was from Nuffnang that I found out about this guy who wrote something nice about me. It would be equally as nice if he would drop in and say hi once in a while *hint hint* I will keep his identity anonymous because it was by chance that I found out about his blog and he obviously didn't want me to know that he's been reading my blog since 2005.

Anyways, turns out I have many "silent" readers, who's identities are unknown to me btw. There's not much you can tell from an IP address, apart from which country they came from. Although, it would give me an orgasm a nice wonderful feeling if all those "silent" readers were as nice as the guy mentioned above.

But some, unfortunately, DO NOT HAVE the MENTAL CAPACITY to come up with something ORIGINAL nor do they have the CREAVITIVY and TALENT to EXPRESS their OWN THOUGHTS into writing.

Such as, this person who goes by the nickname FoxY LaDy (http://applerose_rendon.blogs.friendster.com/danielle/2007/03/index.html)

Of course you're different, biatch. You are called a PLAGIARIST, not a blogger.

I'm not all that mean to belittle her. I mean, I will give credit where credit is due. I'll give her... 3 CLAPS for being good at the art of COPY-AND-PASTE.

You know, when you plagiaries other people's work, it makes me wonder if any of your work is original. To pass someone else's work as your own, do you have no shame? How about a little thing called DIGNITY?

Yes, I know, my blog is public. Any Dick and Harry can access it, read it, comment on it. But these thoughts are mine. I MADE AN EFFORT to put these private thoughts into writing. It is even harder for me to phrase my words while maintaining my anonymity at the same time. And on top of that, all this I have to do while having some of my words censored by McChef!

My blog is my baby. It is my alter ego. And when you steal use my words without my permission or my knowledge, that just makes me wanna fold up my sleeves and put on my knuckle brass and say,"Come, let's take this outside, bitch!".

Hey, just because I opened my 'house' to everyone doesn't mean you can just walk in here and steal my things, okay. You want to call yourself a blogger, you must EDUCATE yourself with blogging ETHICS.

I'm sure I've broken a few blogging rules myself, but never, NEVER have I wholeheartedly copy-and-paste an entire post! Of course, you will encounter blogs with similar phrases. Afterall, English language wasn't invented yesterday, you know. But to copy an entire post? You must have balls to do that.

Anyways, I'm deeply hurt. Fucking broken hearted because now I'm under the impression that I'm not special as now it seems I'm not the only one with the Aladdin toes. Who would've thought that there was another unfortunate being with MY special toes? (Note: all screenshots can be clicked to be viewed)

Feels like dejavu?? DOh!

Don't you also find it weird that we have the "same" stalker, WITH the "same" given nickname, and same storyline??

Oh, here's 2 elbows to Foxy Lady for "being so original" by changing the way she signed off the open letter to Mr Avid Reader:

Oh look, another "similar" story! It's almost like having a twin:

I probably wouldn't mind it so much if you had MADE AN EFFORT to FIX MY GRAMMATICAL ERRORS, which are plenty btw.


If you had MADE AN EFFORT to change the fonts that I use.


If you had changed some of the names in MY blog, such as Big Fat Witch. I didn't know that you're friends with MY SISTER because she fucking doesn't know of your existence.


If you had simply CREDITED ME, THE ORIGINAL WRITER, when you had posted those entries. Examples of phrases you can say: "Blog taken from....", "I found this blog and it was as if my thoughts were being read out to me", "NOT MY ORIGINAL WORK", "I HAD TO STEAL THIS FROM PERKY BECAUSE OF MY OWN SHORTCOMINGS IN COMING UP WITH ORIGINAL STUFF".

I'm not asking for money (although, that would be a nice thing to receive from a brainless whatcha-call-a-female-dog). I'm only asking for a simple acknowledgement for the work done. Or if you have some self-respect, woman, take down your posts that contains my work. Is that so damn fucking hard, you untalented, unoriginal, uncreative, unimaginative little twit?

Click here for the ORIGINAL POSTS (all post dates to before FoxY LaDY put her blog up in March 2007) - (A Line Must Be Drawn Here), (post from where excerpts of Aladdin Toes were taken from), (post from where she wrote about her being 'one of the guys').

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9 Your say:

lyana said...

ahh darling, imitation is the best form of flattery can only be taken up to a certain point and this is not it. can we find out who she (or 'he') is then the whole of 'us' can go serang dia? biar dia rasa sikit....

boku-wa-kuma said...

lorrr.... why on earth would she/he/both? do dat? if "dat thing" (i'm tired to type "she/he/both" again) is craving for attention & wanna increase the blog hits, then i think it's REALLY working... in a SHAMEFUL way lah... YUCKS!!

still, Perky rocks!! i luv ya!! ***aaa... i mean ur writing liao... mak tak koser nak berlesbo tau! HAHAHA ;)***

p/s: if u gegirls want to go serang "dat thing", let me know ya! i dah lama terigin nak cakar muka org tau... merasalah!!

savante said...

Ouch. Console yourself with the fact that only the greats are copied :)

So am I the nice guy who drops by once in a while? :P

Perky said...

I guess that is one way of looking at it kan? Go ahead and serang lah if you nak... i dah post kan her blogsite. *evil laugh*

Ntahlah why IT wants to copy my blogs of all blogs to copy!

Eh aper u ingat kalau u berlesbo dengan I, i akan balas balik ker??? *larrriiiikkkk!!*

luv ya too darling! ;)

Yes darling, you are one of the nicest nicest guys that ever drops by :)

Anonymous said...


the REAL Big Fat Witch said...

ya man, like when the hell did i ever get to know that plagiarist? Geez... granted, there may be other Big Fat Witches out there... but what are the odds of there being someone else who has Aladdin toes, blogged about it and knows someone nicknamed Big Fat Witch? Virtually improbably, right?

Fedd said...

oh, u found out who she was already?

Sam said...

OMG. You got plagiarized also! O-O

I got plagiarized once, and I dealt swift vengeance that the entire blog kena taken down by Multiply. Ambik kau!

Anyway, here's something for you to plagiarize from me - or rather, I let you plagiarize. :P

Tag! You're it!

Perky said...

Hi back at ya, stranger! :)

The real BFW:
Lol! And not to mention, why the fck would anyone wanna plagiarize my work in the 1st place lah kan?

Of course. I do not slam ppl on my blog w/out doing research. Siap post her link sumore! MUAHAHAHAA!

Rasa macam kena suruh buat homework lah pulak ;)