Feb 26, 2007

Cain's Ass-Ignment

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So I got tagged by Cain to do this thing where I write 6 weird things about myself. 6 weird things... It's kinda hard to write this because there isn't anything weird about me. While it will give me migrane just thinking of what's weird about me, in respect to my friendship with Cain, I will do this assignment. Because I am a responsible adult. Because I gave him my word I'd do it. And also because Cain just so happens to live above me and I don't want him banging on my door in the middle of the night, screaming (with his 'mak nyah' voice, nonetheless) "have you done your assignment yet?!?"

1. Wet Feet Disorder

I absolutely cannot get my feet wet. I'm fine getting soaked from head to toe, provided that I'm in the shower, showering. I'm terrified to go out when it rains outside because that would mean I would have to get my feet wet. It's even worst if I'm wearing slippers. My toes would be exposed to the rain and dirt. Do you know how gross it is to have tiny stones and them pesky sands stuck in between your toes? Do you realize how ugly the feet can be when it gets all wrinkly from being wet for too long?

My bathroom floor has to be dry, especially where the sink and toilet area is concerned. There's nothing worst than having your feet touch a semi-wet floor. It feels sticky, kinda like as if the floor is trying to glue you to it. Argh, imagine all that bacteria sticking to your feet. Darling thought it was weird that I wear slippers in my bathroom, even if it's only to pee. I told him I was used to it (you know, from those years of living in the land of sipping tea and eating scones - England, where they hardly take their shoes off, in case you didn't know). Of course I wasn't going to tell him the truth. He'd probably think I'm weird or something.

But there are times when I do forget to wear slippers when I go to the bathroom. It just kills me when my feet gets semi-wet. And you know how I solve this problem? I just hose my entire feet wet and dry them as soon as I leave the bathroom.

2. Aladdin Toes

I have a very peculiar way of walking. Not many would realize it. I actually walk without having my toes touch the ground. My toes are always pointing upwards. My mom says that I walk like as if the Earth is dirty. What can I say? I'm the ruler of my planet and having my divine feet touch the ground is not something a ruler would do, don'tcha think?

I actually have a theory of how I started walking in such a way. I believe it started with my fascination with my own toes (just ask Big Fat Witch how many times I've shoved stragetically placed my pretty toes in her face and begged her to admire them too told her how cute my toes are). And because no one was paying attention to my cute toes (because the attention went to my tits), I began walking with my toes pointing upwards in the hopes that someone would take notice. As time went by, it just became a natural thing. Okay fine, I don't know why I walk like that but I just do.

3. If You're Happy And You Know It Clap Your Palms

Apparently it's weird to clap with your palms. Everyone claps with their hands but somehow I manage to do it with just my palms. Try this: When you clap your hands, try not to have your right fingers touch your left fingers. You kinda have to bend your fingers backwards a bit just so they won't make contact with the opposite fingers. Anyway, Big Fat Witch says I clap like a baby.

4. Swing When You're Pissing

Okay, now this I do admit it's weird. Sometimes when I take a leak I swing my legs front and back. And when my legs swing, I tend to humm. And this ritual never fail to make me smile or giggle like a silly 3 year old. I'm pretty sure it's not that healthy to move your legs that much when you're pissing but I just can't help myself. It's like as if I'm in rainbow land when I sit on the toilet bowl. I just want to celebrate the act of releasing water from my bladder!

5. The Chinese Lion Makes Me Cry

I absolutely love to watch the lion dance especially during Chinese New Year. Some people once they've become adults don't like to watch the lion dance anymore. It's kinda like how some people grow out of their belief in Santa Claus, I suppose. When I see a lion dance, I just can't take my eyes off of it.

Each time I see a lion dance it always feel like I'm watching it for the first time. I'd clap, I'd cheer, I'd go "Oh my God, did you see the lion leap from stilt to stilt? That's just crazy.", I even think the lion is cute. And when the lion bats its eyes, oh my God, my heart just melts. I know they are men underneath the lion; controlling the head, the body movement, doing the crazy stunts. But still I love to watch the lion dance. I love it so much that I get all teary-eyed just from watching the lion dance. I guess it's kinda like watching an opera for some people.

6. Sleeping Child

Some people say they can sleep anytime, anywhere. Well, I can't say the same for myself because I can't sleep anytime I want. But I can sleep anywhere once I do feel sleepy.

Now, let's see, I've slept at McDonald's, in the presents of my very loud 'sistahs'. I've slept at the food court in 1Utama (do you have any idea how crowded that food court is?). Where else? I've slept on the couch while having a cup of tea (oh btw, I woke up with tea all over me). I've also slept behind the wheel, thankfully it was during traffic jam and the cars were hardly moving (but I did wake up to other drivers giving me weird looks, and the car that was in front of me was replaced by many, many, many different cars).

So there you have it. 6 supposedly weird things about me. Well, I'm not going to tag anyone to this 'torture', but if you do feel like doing it, do let me know so that I can laugh at you we can celebrate the joys of being weird together.

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cain & abel said...

assignent handed n time...mak bagi 2 sticker......jer.

Catty said...

Ohmigod I feel the EXACT same way about lion dances! I would literally stalk them during chinese new year just to get a glimpse of them. It's one of the only things I love about CNY. Hehe next time we can go lion dance hunting together-gether

savante said...

Yay! I am not the only freak around :)

Perky said...

What?! All this effort and oversharing and I only get 2 stickers?!? *sigh* At least give me 2 stickers PLUS ice-cream ke...

I got to watch the world champions Kun Seng Keng troupe perform at my event last Saturday =) Jangan jeles k...

Hey by saying that, are you implying that I'm a freak? *gasp* you didn't! lol!

Anonymous said...

sleep in one U food court, wonder how to beat that!