Mar 13, 2007

Damage Control

Scribbled by Perky |

Okay, now I know that some of you may have received certain emails from me earlier today that completely doesn't make any sense - either me talking gibberish or asking you to email your 'private' *ehem ehem pictures. I regretfully say this but you have been a victim of a prank from one of my friends, ALEX the dumbfuck who's getting me into all sorts of SHIT.

I don't know who else may have received such emails. Those that I do know of are the ones that replied the emails I 'sent' to them, like "What the fuck is wrong with you, Perky?", "Hey, I haven't spoken to you for years and now you want to see my 'pee pee'?" and "Hmm.. okay sounds interesting, except can my husband join us in the mud bath?"

How It All Happened:
I head home, immediately switched on the laptop, went online. So once online, everything just kinda goes on automatically - yahoo messenger, google talk & hotmail. Anyways, as was I logged on to my Multiply, the door bell rang. It turned out to be ALEX the DUMBFUCK who should've stayed in Canada.

I was so excited to receive this surprise visit ('cause he so adamantly said that he was never ever going to set foot in this country ever again), not knowing that I was letting the 'enemy' in (the word frenemy does come to mind). After exchanging all the "How've you been?" etc etc, he told me to get ready as he wanted to take me out for dinner. Now, you all know that it takes me hours to get ready. Because I was so damn excited to see him, I completely forgot that I had kept everything on the laptop on and OPEN! EEKS!

I think you and I roughly know what happened next while I was in the shower, judging from all the emails I received. And apparently, it's not just the email pranks that he did. He also messaged some people on Multiply, even those who are not in my network ('coz I didn't fucking log off before I took my shower). So, if you also received crazy comments/messages through Multiply, again I am sorry. I'm so busy with my new business that I really don't have the time to pull such cheap and uncreative prank *sniggers at Alex.

Sorry for all the trouble caused. I would've sent an apology email to each of the unintended victims, except I don't know who else did Alex get. So this is the best I can do. SORRY!

I actually thought that the whole thing was funny until I got a pretty good scolding from one of the unsuspecting victims.

Alex, I get your jokes but dude, you could've warned me, you bastard! You see lah, I have to bow my head and apologize to people. So shy, you know!

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4 Your say:

alex said...

hihihi huhuhu don't you just love having me back LMAO! I couldnt resist. Hey at least I din email your bf telling him about your secret affair you naughty girl you ;P

Perky said...

Tell him lah, I dare you to! :P

savante said...

So what naughty pics did you actually get?!

Perky said...

Didn't get any :( No one had the balls to do it :(