Awhile back McChef and I were having just another normal conversation over the phone, when he suddenly brought up the wedding ring issue. My wedding ring issue.

McChef: You know that ring I got you?

Perky: Yeah. What’s with it?

McChef: Don’t get angry, k. I was thinking perhaps I could propose to you using that same ring. All you have to do is switch it to your fourth finger. What do you think?

Hmm… HMMMMmmmMMMMmmm… The woman in me wanted to freak out, of course. As a woman, naturally I wanted that knuckle-crushing pink diamond ring; a brag-worthy ring, a show-off ring, a walking billboard (and a very sparkly one at that, too) that screams out “I’m engaged!!”.

McChef: The way I see it, even if I propose to you now we’re not going to get married this year. Unless if I knock you up. But that’s not going to happen ‘cause you keep popping those evil sperm-killer pills. And you know how much I wanted to have a baby for Christmas. So, since there’s not going to be a baby AND a wedding, I was thinking I’ll postpone getting your ring for, like, a few months. That way I can get you a really, really nice ring.

Hmmm… HMMMmmmmMMMMMMmmmmMMMMMMmmm… A really, really nice ring? Like the really, really sparkly kind? I like the sound of that.

Perky: (trying to sound like a really understanding girlfriend, when in fact my head was swelling with the vision of that 6.1 carat pink diamond ring) Well, I don’t want to financially burden you with the need to get me a wedding ring so soon. I can wait a few months for the actual ring, and in the mean time I’ll just wear this ring that I have on my fourth finger. No biggie.

Yes, diamonds ARE a girl’s bestfriend. At the mere mention of bling blings, women just can’t seem to keep it together.

And then I heard him giggle. He giggled. McChef doesn't giggle.

Perky: Spill it out.

McChef: Don't be mad okay. Actually, I want to use the money to install the air-cond in my room.


McChef: Well, I also want to get us a bigger bed. ‘Cause, you know, you take up a lot of space.
Perky: I’m smaller than you! How dare you!

McChef: Have you seen the size of your thighs? It’s like this *cough cough* huge *cough cough* Anyways, I also want to do up the balcony, you know, put some nice furniture there.

I simply couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I can accept it if he tells me he’s broke or something along those lines or that he has to sell one of his kidneys if I insist on him buying me a ring this instant. But my ring is being blown off by his need to renovate/redecorate/rearrange his room. His room! ARGH!

McChef: Erm, it’s not like we’re getting married anytime soon. So I thought the ring can wait. But the room can’t. Won’t you like coming here to a room that is cool, a nice big bed for us to roll around in, for your clothes a closet that stretches from one end to the other, and in the evenings we can just step out to my balcony that has all this cool furniture and a mini bar. Sounds good right? You'd so love it once it's done.

Just tell me, how exactly should I react to this?!?

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11 Your say:

Jay said...

I'm the wrong girl to ask. I picked out my own engagement ring, and I wanted something as non-traditional as I could possibly find.The ring is just not important in the long run.

savante said...

Huh! A bit difficult. On one hand I wanna boast with a huge eye bashing diamond ring but I still wanna sleep well at night.

Legolas said...

Well, his house is your house, his air-cond is your air-cond, his balcony is your balcony, his furniture is your furniture, his bed is your bed. So, I think it's all good. :-)

Anonymous said...

Heiya perkster. 6.1 carat pink diamond ring... hmm... I want 1 of those too :)

so you lovebirds set a date yet? have you pick your bridesmaid yet? where do i apply ;)


Perky said...

He actually wanted us to buy the rings on our own coz he was afraid that i wouldn't like the one he got. But if he stuck with that idea, chances are 5 yrs would've gone by and I still haven't bought a ring. hehehe.

But you are right. The ring is not as important.

Hehehe.. yeah i know what you mean =) i'm not even sure if i will be able to sleep well at nite should i get a knuckle-crushing ring coz who knows, i might wake up the next morning minus my finger!!!

Hahaha. Well said my man...well said...

Nope, haven't set a date yet... nothing has been set. Eh come on lah.. one thing at a time k. You think i wat, superwoman isit, doing 235 things at one go? :P

Tek said...

I would rather have a nice cold room with big bed and someplace i can sit at my balcony.

I dont think the ring will make me any comfortable, as its only for show and have no technologycal value to help mankind whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

the conversation sounds so bryan. congrats.


alex said...

hahaha! I actually thought its fuckin funny you got blown off for an ac. LOL!!!

its no wonder y you settling down with him. you guys share the same sense of nonsense ;)

congrat!! my girl's getting hitched!

Perky said...

Of course it won't make you comfortable. One, you're NOT a woman. Two, you're the one who's gonna fork out the $$$ to buy the ring. Haha.

Of course he sounds like that. I wrote him that way hehe. Thanks.

Yeap... i've found my perfect fit =) i think the whole settling down thing hasn't really sunk in yet. Maybe coz it's not official yet...

Bernard said...

I hope it's not to late to laugh!! I just arrived to read this. :-D

Perky said...

Better late than never, they always say! =)

Glad you had a laugh hehehe ;)