Nov 14, 2006

You're So Mean, Baby

Scribbled by Perky |

Darling has very bad sense of humor. Refer to the following:

The One Ring To Rule Them All
I wanted to buy you a ring. White gold, diamond. But don't think I'm proposing to you ah.
Hmm... white gold diamond ring. Gee, now why on earth would I think of marriage?

Proposal... Yes? No?
I wanted to propose to you on your birthday but I'm going back home for a long time. Maybe I'll ask again next year.
Where was the first proposal? And no, you cannot take rainchecks on proposals and let me know about it the same time. If you're not going to ask, don't ask at all.

More Baby Talks
Baby-Crazy Bf: I want a baby.
Perky: No, I don't want one. I'm not going to look like a cow for 9 months and be a baby slave the rest of my life. Besides I don't like babies. They drool and shit all the time. They smell funky. They don't talk. They cry. All the time. No, no babies.
Really-Baby-Crazy Bf: Ok. How bout this? You give the baby to me and I'll keep it and take care of it.
My-Uterus-Is-Not-Up-For-Discussion Perky: But I still have to be pregnant, don't I? No, no babies.
He-Should-Get-Pregnant-If-He-Wants-One-So-Badly Bf: Owwhhhh... but I want one. I want one of yours.

Erm what am I? A convinient store where I can just take out a baby out of me by snapping my fingers?

Seriously, are all boyfriends like this these days? Is there a sensitivity chip missing somewhere? This is worst than him calling my thighs "fat fuck" and "albert, my purple mexican friend".

I thought inside this bag was food.... But bling blings are goooOOOoood!

p/s: This is not my birthday present =) - 6 tiny diamonds embedded into this ring

I belong to someone...

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12 Your say:

cibetronic said...

WAH!!! Some1 is getting married! Congratulations to U 2. Now now when is the wedding day ah? Hehehe...

Anonymous said...

amboi...bahagia nyer dier....jangan lupa i booking nak jadi flower girl tau! Eh when u wanna tunjukkan boss the ring?? LAtely he buat banyak hal again...we should bitch girl...

Anonymous said...

I want a boyfriend like that...

Cuz of the ring bit. Not the baby bit.

Fortunately the guy I'm with is as anti-baby as I am.

Anonymous said...

Hey girlfren!! Your ring pic not clear lah... luckily i've seen it in real life :s

I'm so jealous of what you have. Betul2 envy you guys. You're so lucky girlfriend! You ended up with this guy who's been your bestfren and turns out he's your soulmate afterall. Both of you are so blessed!

AND he's completely devoted to you. AND he can't keep his hands off you. AND you guys are like constantly joined at the hips. I so want a guy like him. Can i steal him for a while? ;) j/k!

Eh shouldn't you guys be like suffocated from l.o.v.e. by now?? lolx!!


Anonymous said...

One - no matter what you do, you can't possibly look like a cow. Not ever.

Two - any men would love to hav you as a wife. He's stupid if he doesn't.

Three - I wish I was him... lucky bastard.

avid reader

::airswift:: said...

wah! bling bling!
please say to boss that it's worth more than five thousand yeah. one diamond one thousand, five diamonds, five thousand lor.

savante said...

Teruk pun dapatlah diamonds and platinum :P

Apa macam boleh postpone proposal kah? First time I ever heard of this :)

And no babies some more. WHY!??! Even I want one.

Anonymous said...

Congrates! :) Wish you a happy life with him and forever and ever .......

You are very lucky :)


Perky said...

Not so soon lah. Eh don't misunderstand... I'm not engaged yet. It's more like a pre-engagement thingy. Hahaha! Got such thing meh?

Cain & Abel:
You will be the MAIN flower girl ok. I dress you up in lavender, you want not? hehehe... oh you wait, i will show to boss! *evil laugh*

I used to want a bf like him.. but now i have him =)

I'm beginning to buy into this baby idea of his. I guess when you reach a certain age or level of maturity, you do want to have babies. We've agreed on 2 kids - 1 girl, 1 boy =) But not so soon!!

You have no idea how grateful i am. Life has been very good and kind to me.

I guess when you're crazy about each other you just can't get enough of each other *wink wink*

Wana hear something corny? L.o.v.e. is what feed us. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Avid Reader:
Thanks for the compliment. But i think it's time you moved on. I ain't planning of being single and neither am i looking anyone else. Plus, he isn't going to let me go. Ever.

Good plan. I'll swing my third finger in his face & pray that the diamonds blind him. Lol!

Haiyah he's like that one lah... he'll tease and tease. Then one fine day when i'm not expecting it, he'll just say it. He loves to surprise me that way =)

Thanks mate! Indeed i'm the lucky one =)

p/s: What happen to your blog?

Anonymous said...

:) I dont remember any of the passwords... tried logging to many of my blogs...cant... and all of a sudden logged in one.. :) check out

So when is the marriage. :) Really u are very lucky...:D


Wildfire Princess said...

i have never seen him so excited before to rush back to you. and i have never seen such a loving and affectionate couple. i'm happy for the both of you.

Perky said...

Perhaps it's time to have just one blog huh? Lol! If you can't keep track of your blogs, then how am i suppose to keep up? ;)

No weddings this year! Don't know bout next year ;) Or maybe we'll just date till death do us part. LOL!

Wildfire Princess:
Would you believe that he's like that every single day? I pulak, worried that he'd get bored or something, ask him "don't you wanna have a boys' nite out or something?". No such thing. For him it's straight home to the missus =)

It's nice to get the stamp of approval from you =)