Nov 7, 2006

More Yabbies?!?

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I have no clue on what's wrong with darling and his choice of pets. He just never learns (read Yabby the Prawn). This week he came home bringing with him 2 yabby prawns - one male and one female. I begin to wonder if darling wants to start a family with me or a family of yabbies.

The male one is called Ivan. Yes, boy yabby is named after one of muh sistahs. Anyhoo, Ivan passed away after spending a day at my place. I secretly believe that my place is protected from these evil sea creatures. Yeah like an anti-Yabby enchanment.

Female one is called Alfa. And yes, girl yabby is named after mak nyah. She's pregnant by the way. But I don't think Ivan's the father.

Big Plans for the Future

I used to have an aquarium tank where I had previously used it to keep my iguana (back in the ooooold days when he was sooooo much smaller). Since my iggy has outgrown the tank, no other living things has resided in it (well, don't count the ants, bugs, ticks, etc etc).

Darling remembered about the tank. He wants to use it so that he can make a Yabby Zoo. A zoo filled with Yabbies: Papa Yabby, Mama Yabby, Baby Yabby, Uncle Yabby... the whole freakin' family! He wants to landscape 'seascape' it and make it look like the real ocean so that the Yabbies won't miss their home.


And guys, you all should check out Cain & Abel's post about what darling 'surprise' to them. It's friggin' hillarious!!

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12 Your say:

alex said...

Can't you lovebirds have normal pets like normal regular people do? ;)

Anonymous said...

watever u do, just don't let me get my hands on it. it will end up in my wok. muahaha... hey, there're blue and red ones that they sell u know.

from koala express

Anonymous said...

I like the name Yabby Zoo, or Yabby Family. I think it's a great idea! Looking forward to seeing that.

Anonymous said...

exotic girl surely must have exotic pets!! Gone are the days of cats and dogs.

Avid Reader.

cain & abel said...

Gimme your housekey girl. I'll pop by at 3am and burn the aquarium. It'll look like an honest accident. No one will know....are you with me? Lolz!!

Anonymous said...

leaving ur house at 3 am??? nanti ternampak ur BUTCH plak in ur house on ur way out hehe...

Perky said...

1st of all, WE are not regular people. And 2nd, normal pets are soooo yesterday. LOL!

Koala Express:
Blue and red ones? Ooohh... so lovvveeely. Mix them together and get purple! Hehehe!

You know what... I wouldn't mind starting a Yabby Zoo. These yabbies can be quite entertaining to play with, especially the feisty ones! =)

Avid Reader:
Do I know you?

Cain & Abel:
No no no! I quite sayang my new pets. You burn the yabbies, I'll burn your nose! :P LOL!!

See a butch, nanti kena heartattack pulak ingatkan hantu mana yang masuk rumah i. Hahaha!

savante said...

Why PRAWNS! Dia nak you masak asam pedas or what?!

sbhatta said...

ohh yummy... mmmm.. I am gonna have some prawns definite tomorrow for lunch.. :-) those looks so delicious perky

Anonymous said...


my leap landed me in hell-hole :s

Ban said...

...prawns? Again? Hmmm. Maybe he's trying to convince you to get babies instead.

Perky said...

Oh lord, no... he would never ever ask me to cook anything... unless if he wants me to burn down the kitchen lah. Lol!

Oh no! You just ate Yabby's uncle!!! NoooOOOOOooooo!!!! Hehehehe.

Alamak dahling, apa dah jadi?? We must 'doodook' and gosip abt this over mahjong ;)

Mr Bunnyban:
My uterus is not up for discussion!! Lolz!