Nov 20, 2006

Land of Crocs

Scribbled by Perky |

What's there in Sarawak that compells my darling and two of my sistahs' darlings to go to Sarawak at the same time? Got crocodiles is it? At least, for them, it's only temporary. As for me, I don't know how long darling will be there. He might not even come back here.

Am I selfish for not wanting darling to go back home? Yes, I am. And that's only because I want him all to myself.

Am I selfish for wishing that he never took that job with his cousin? Yes, I am. That's because it would mean he'd have to work back home. And that would mean I won't have a date to the movies, no one to warm me up when I'm cold, no one to spoil me rotten, no one to listen to my plans of taking over the world. No one.

I asked him why he took the job. His answer was so simple: "So that I can settle down".

Cheesed off, thinking he was going to marry some other Kuching girl, I asked him again, "With who?"

"With you, who else?"

I almost cried. This time I choked not because he was leaving. But because of the reason why he has to leave me... temporarily.

I'm so selfish. And so stupid, for I could not see beyond my stretched out hand. All I could think of is our daily routine - the dates, the hugs and kisses, the I-Love-You's before I leave for work, waking up to him every morning. And yet he puts me, an event planner, to shame. He's leaving so that he can build a future for the both of us. He has plans and I'm very much a part of it.

Far-Minded Bf: What's the ideal life for you?
Selfish Perky: I'd like to have a beach house. A simple one, nothing too fancy. And a 4wd for me to drive around with. I want to travel the world when I'm 35. And when I'm flat broke from all that travelling, I'll come back home to collect rent money from all the properties I own.
Far-Minded Bf: Same here. How you read my mind?

The dream...

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9 Your say:

Dawn said...

Sounds like a good dream to me. Mine is a little different in that I want a Log Cabin in the Mountains instead of a beach House.

Here via BlogExplosion.

Anonymous said...

I want a job where I have plenty of free time


savante said...

Wah, romanticnya. So sweet. And that house looks sturdy enough to withstand any huff, puff of the big bad wolfs so that the two pigs can be happy together :)

cibetronic said...

so bad dis paul. hehehe... s'wak got no wolves deh. got kuching oni. maybe big bad n fat kuchings. so der sweet ur bf. building a family n raising few piglets eh. home sweet home.

::airswift:: said...

wah so sweet.
just dont forget us all when you get settled down okay hon.

Anonymous said...

perhpas u shouldnt think of settling down... u know they say long distant relationship doesnt work. sori 2 burst ur bubble.

Avid reader.

Anonymous said...


Perky said...

I was actually debating between the beach house and the log cabin. But I figured I'd have more fun at the beach than hunt for food in the mountains ;) Lol!
Thanks for stopping by! =)

Don't we all? ;)

I wonder who's the big bad wolf? Hehehe...

I think I should make it a house rule that we can only have 2 piglets... max. Anything more than that shall be donated to the erm.. pig farm? Lol!!

How can I ever forget my sistahs?!? =) I just hope kalau dapat anak next time, he don't get funny ideas and call it K and C, or U and Mar ;)

Avid Reader:
You go to hell you. I'm not into you. You've just earned yourself a hate post from me. You wait for my next post!

Sayanglah you won't get to see darling. He's leaving on Thursday :(

mama diva said...

my daling came back already from sarwak... mama suke... lucky the crocodiles scared him...
dear, be strong... mak tgk kau ok la... never mind, u can listen to my singing everyday, so wont get bored...hahaha