If there was a Clumsy Pot of the Year award, I would definitely be one of the front-runners. Over the years, I have lost my footing hundreds of times in public, set myself on fire got my hands burned from cooking (almost all the time... I'm like oil to fire), getting knocked down by non-moving objects (sad to say I was sober, too, at the time), burnt my eyelash from lighting up my cigs (thank God they didn't take my eyebrows too 'coz eyebrows are a bitch to grow), torn the ligament in my knee, sprained my ankle and not to mention those countless injuries I got from my Taekwon-Do days. I'm surprised I haven't broken any bones yet *touch wood*. Simply put, I am an accident waiting to happen.

When McChef told me about a chance meeting he had with an insurance agent, I was more than pleased that he thought of me. You see, I don't have life insurance. I never even thought of getting one for myself. One of the main reasons is because I don't like to be harassed approached by insurance agents. The only insurance I have is the one for my car and the accidents that involves me and my car. But if I were to contract some funky disease from Africa or something, I would be in deep shit 'coz I have no medical coverage.

They look happy coz they're insured perhaps??

I could clearly tell that McChef was excited about getting me this insurance thingy. He's even paying for it. It's MY life insurance and he's the one paying for it! He says that it makes him feel like a husband. As a matter of fact, he couldn't sleep for a few days just thinking about it (hopefully not from thinking about how much money he has to spend on a clumsy fool delicate princess like me). If getting me covered makes him this excited, I wonder how he'll be if I were to tell him I'm pregnant. He'd probably be high like a 3 year old on speed and start making more furnitures.

McChef: This insurance I'm getting you is so cool. It covers labour and hospitalization.
Perky: Huh? Am I a baby-popping factory to you? Is that how you're treating my body now?
McChef: Name your nominee.

Perky: You lor.
McChef: The insurance also covers death of spouse. Heheheh...

Perhaps he's secretly scheming to get rich fast with this insurance he got for me. So, if I had died from some 'mysterious' disease, or accidentally OD-ed on 'mineral water', I hope you all will remember this post and fight for my justice. I'm counting on you guys.

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Bibik Nyonya said...

amboi....SOSWEET! I think they should offer insurance to restaurant visits as well....i'm a potentially hazxardous costumer; judging from all the mishaps i had all this while.... hik!

BigFatWitch said...

wahhh... ish, when am i gonna get a McGuy? But seriously, you do need insurance coz you're such a klutz haha!

Jay said...

I am committing it to memory as we speak.
I totally feel your pain though. I'm right up there as well.

Tech-Tronic said...

u piggie perky ma. labor a lot 1. wakaka... gud la. time to get insured. hehehe...

Perky said...

Bibik Nyonya:
Yalah hor... I too need one of those! lol.

Big Fat Witch:
I'm not a clutz. It's not my fault if things got in my way u know...

Phew! Thank God. At least i've got 1 witness secured. Lol!

Yeah i know labor cost lotsa $$... kinda makes me wish I could just buy a ready-made baby instead to save me from all the trouble hehehe...