Feb 3, 2007

It's Time To Own Up, You Stalker You

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Every girl loves to receive presents. I love presents. No, actually, I love receiving the nicely wrapped box. Don't really care what's inside. I love to guess what's inside - I'd give it a little shake, press my ear against the box (you may never know if it's a bomb inside!), and after three 20 guesses, I'd rip the wrapping paper like as if there was a puppy waiting for me to rescue it from certain death.

Last Thursday (on my anniversary day, nonetheless), someone left a present for me at my door. Nicely wrapped in red paper, with gold ribbon. The box was pretty big, too. And there was also a card that read "Dearest *Perky, see you on Valentine's". I was so happy. I thought it was from darling who decided to surprise me (coz he did mention something about a surprise and I thought this was it). It was a bit odd, though, that he didn't sign his name.

(Oh by the way, the present was a dance mat for PS2. And it came with a dancing game in it - I've been wanting this for quite a while, you know but never bought one coz I'm so cheapskado don't have RM40 to spare)

Anyway, cut story short, it wasn't from darling. Imagine my surprise. No, actually, I started to freak out.
  • Whoever left the present outside my apartment knows where I live.
  • That same person knows I have a PS2.
  • That person also knows I've been wanting a dance mat for ages and I love to dance (okay, that's really not a top-level-CIA secret).
  • That person has made plans to see me on Valentine's.
  • That person also takes it for granted that I'm available on Valentine's. Eh, you think I'm so free is it? Everyone knows that I'm like, the busiest person, in like, my universe.

I don't know who you are, but don't you think it's time you come forward? I am dying to know who my biggest fan is.

p/s: Psst psst I'm really dying to get a Sony VAIO (must come in PINK color! It cost about RM4,488 or something. Anyway it's less than 5k) *hint hint HINTTTTTT*

Isn't it SOOOO pretty?!? I want! I want! I want!

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8 Your say:

savante said...

Ooh. Free gifts from strangers! Enough to make ya all perky!

Perky said...

You want free gifts from strangers or not? You gimme your address lah, then I'll include you in the psycho's mailing list. Lol!!! Eh, but if it's the sony vaio, then don't dream lah! :P

Anonymous said...

so if i getcha a pink sony vaio will you go out with me?

The Fan.

Perky said...

You get the vaio first, then you see lor if i go out with you!!

Alex said...

What. Another stalker ey? These peeps juz pop up wherever you go huh ;)

Jay said...

Not me; I don't like gifts. They make me all awkward.

alex said...

Erm you haven't updated your blog. What up lah?

Perky said...

I've been busy... so so busy. On top of that I didn't have anything to write about.

p/s: Oh don't worry about the stalker. It seems that I'm a huge fan of his ;)