Mar 28, 2008

Oops, Sorry, I Didn't Mean to Eavesdrop

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Sorry for the long silence. From my previous post, you all kinda figured out that I was gonna be away on a long holiday (yes, the flu followed me on my vacation, then there was another thing called Urinary Tract Infection that followed suite, but that's a long story). After my long holiday I had to go to Penang for a job. And when I came back, my internet at home has been cut off (yes yes, I will try to pay my bills on time in the future so that I do not have to resort to blogging in the office).

Anyways, I was at the pantry today when I accidentally joined in overheard my colleagues talking to each other. The man was clearly complaining about his wife, while my other female colleague just stood there doing nothing while he talks cock about the weaknesses of the ENTIRE female population listened in silence.

I would've said something to him not only because of the way he portrayed his wife - an insecure, stupid, unworthy being - but also frankly, in my opinion, one should not talk about their spouses in such a negative manner.

Then the female colleague said this to him:

"Never criticize your wife for her shortcomings or insecurities or her weaknesses. Don't you ever forget that it was because of her shortcomings that she could not find a better husband than you."

I was deeply moved by her statement because now whenever McChef calls me a dumb dumb, I can actually say something smart to him. Hahaha.

Okay, jokes aside, I thought that was a brilliant thing to say whenever you wonder,"Why is she married to that cheating asshole? Oh yeah, coz she's stupid, she doesn't know any better."

Okay, okay, I was still joking when I made the previous remark (kalau ada orang kena sentap, oh who cares, sentap lah engkau!).

Anyways, I'll be revamping my blogsite soon, so hopefully I'll be able to unveil the new look sooner than later. Ciao!

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5 Your say:

lyana said...

how very true! :) though I can't really comment in relationship associated posts....hehe.

ooooohhhh will be waiting for the new look!

savante said...

Shocking. :) USually it's the wife who complains about the husbands.

Mlle Linie.. said...

u just found another secret weapon to use haha! nice post babe. keep it up.

Mlle Linie.. said...

i* just found..

i meant.. lol

Perky said...

Alamak.. the new look has to wait. Mama Diva has gone off to Penang, so there goes my Creative Director. God knows I can't pose w/out his guidance u konw! ;)

Guess now we know who wears the pants in that relationship ey ;)

Mlle Linie:
Hehee... thanks. Now that i've shared the 'secret weapon' with you ols, feel free to use it hahaha :)

p/s: Huh? What did you just find?