Mar 11, 2008

Hey, Who Brought Along the Party Pooper??

Scribbled by Perky |

I don't know why but I have this habit of falling sick whenever I'm about to go on a long break.

Now, let's see. Last Raya holiday I was down with fever. That was a bitch to recover from as I had to deal with the flu that came with the fever.
Then came the Christmas holidays. Not only did I have to deal with the lingering flu, but I also had to deal with a super nasty cough.

And then New Years came. By then I had already recovered from the flu and the cough. And just when I thought I was beginning to enjoy some leisure time, my mom poisoned me!

Ok ok, she didn't poison me. But her "special" cili padi which she got from Sabah did. Nasty buggers. Never ever will I eat a single damn cili padi in my entire life ever again. Shitting fire, it felt like hell was popping out from my ass, damn it.

I went back to work, I was fine. Then Chinese New Year came, so again I took a long break. And again, within the span of 1 month, I had another food poisoning incident. I had Mexican food with McChef on the eve of CNY, and this time around it was unbearable. I went Linda Blair and Niagara Falls was shooting out from my ass. Damn pain, I tell you!

I'm going on (yet another) long break tomorrow, and guess who decides to tag along? Mr Flu. He arrived uninvited this morning - no warning, no symptoms. It was *snaps finger* and I'm sick.

I believe someone's out there to ruin my holiday. Oh just you wait, you Mr Party Pooper you...

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6 Your say:

The Banker said...

haha, thanks for the mental image of linda blair/niagara falls. i think that just put me off lunch, lol

lyana said...

mmm I think you should get vaccinated from flu.

Mlle Linie.. said...

haiyo... i wouldnt be in that toilet seat after you! haha sure panas gila!

savante said...

Aiya. Poor gal! I'm pretty much the same. Always fall sick during holidays abroad. Somehow or rather I catch cold. Not that good with changing weather.

mamadiva said...

faster updatelah....

Perky said...

The Banker:
Hehehe... that just gave me an idea for the weight loss industry - letak gambar2 horror to put people off eating. Hahaha! ;)

Is there even such a thing?? Oh, I would so love to get myself vaccinated from flu! Heck, why stop at the flu. I might as well get vaccinated for every single disease ;)

Mlle linie:
LOL! I never thought of that. Yeah, even I wouldn't wanna sit on that toilet seat! haha.

Yalor, same here. Weather change a bit je I sure kena demam.

Mama Diva:
Amboi, ingat u ni boleh demand2 I tulis blog ke... mak kesah tau! Tau lah engkau tu diva, but time waits for no diva u know! ;)