Jan 10, 2008

The Long Silence Has Been Rather Golden

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It's been quite a while since my last post and a lot has happened since then.

Such as...

Me being sick for the ENTIRE month of November, thus rendering me incapable of having any contact with the internet world. Being sick is really really super sucky coz... let's just face it, no one likes to get sick. First it was the flu, then it was the cough that became my very own Super Ex-Girlfriend - it simply wouldn't go away & just wouldn't let me have my "me" time.

I wish that my super resistant cough was as glamorous as Uma, but sadly it isn't...

I celebrated my birthday in that month as well (won't reveal you my age, but I am feel like I'm forever 21). Nothing special, as I had to run an event on that same day (with my flu & cough following me around like some pesky assistant).

I also learned something new from that party I organised - how to deal Blackjack Vegas-style. Apart from the rules of 21, I've never known how to bet, what more to deal the cards, so I took the time to learn how to be a dealer. It's really fun to play once you get the hang of it.

The lady pictured above is NOT the author of this blog (sad to say...)

In December, the flu has gone but left me with the bitchy cough. It's real bitchy, I tell you. I went to see 3 different doctors & bought all sorts of over-the-counter meds in my bid to stop the damn cough. Nothing seemed to work. I couldn't even laugh without coughing. Oh, I was so damn miserable.

But I was happy. Happy coz I made it snow for my Christmas party (well, it wasn't real snow, but liquid snow is the cheapest we can get over here). I love snow; real snow that is. It reminds me of the time when I was living in UK and those were the best times of my childhood life. So yeah, making it "snow" for my event was a huge deal to me.

The Christmas party I organised at Plaza Mont'Kiara. We had 400+ orphans that day... and they were all happy to see the snow!

That's me with Jujubes & our mom in Manchester (in case you're clueless as to who's who, I'm the one who's the second tallest in the photo)

December is also the month of receiving gifts Christmas. I received this from McChef:

I love it! It's pink. And it's mine (well, more or less). It's a soft jacket for a Nintendo Wii remote control. The only sucky thing about it is that it's all the way in Kuching with McChef. Even if I do have it here, it'll still be pointless coz I don't have a Wii.

I even got a present from Mama McChef. A blouse! A low-plunging blouse too! Hahaha. Finally I can wear something skanky sexy in public AND get away with it.

My cleavage-showing blouse...

I wore that same blouse to the 86th birthday dinner of McChef's Glamorous Ah Ma (the mother of his mother). At that same dinner, I met most of his relatives from his mom's side. AND they approve of me taking over as the new princess of the family our relationship. I even got asked "When's the big day?" by Mama McChef's eldest sister. Talk about a real welcome huh?

Then came New Year's Eve, which McChef and I spent with my parents having expensive dinner at Merdeka Palace (the bill came up to RM500++! Luckily Daddy picked up the tab, otherwise I would've had to eat bread for the next 6 months). It meant the world to me that my parents have finally approved of our relationship. My mom no longer nags at me for dating a "Chinese with tattoos", and Dad, well, he hasn't given me anymore lectures about "how nice it would be to find a man who's rich enough that I can quit working".

Anyhoo, after dinner, my parents left us at Merdeka Palace coz we youngsters need to par-tay!! We were joined by McChef's cousin, Abel, and his new "auntie". Didn't drink much as I already had 4 glasses of wine earlier on. McChef and I danced to the live band at V.A. and rang in the New Year making out while dancing - sweet!

We didn't actually get to see any fireworks that night as it was raining in Kuching...

After the party, we terserempak with Abel's brother & sister-in-law (see how small Kuching is). We sat at Seattle coffee for a while (which is just outside of V.A.), as it looked like there was going to be a fight. We sat, and we sat, and we saw some gangsters walking in and out of V.A., and we sat some more and gossiped some more. Nope, no fights happened but it was nice to get to know more of his relatives (they ARE going to be family afterall!).

So that's that. More stuff happened, of course, but I don't have the energy to blog about it and neither do you have the strength to carry on reading. However, hopefully, it won't take me too long for my next post.


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lyana said...

er, there was a time you were taller than jujubes??? *lariik*

c'mon darling, you'll always be 16. :)

::airswift:: said...

wah, nice activities you did there with your family and hubby. good good good!

mlle linie said...

i 'almost' thought u were that sexy minah salleh and was just about to go 'yeay! i have a very sexy blog friend!' haha! cheers and happy new year! it was sure a good start, with family warming and stuffs...

savante said...

For a minute I thought he bought you a pink vibrator! :P

Perky said...

Yeah i know! It's unbelievable but THERE WAS a time when I was taller than jules. hahahhaa!

And u're right. I'll always be 16! ;)

Isn't it? Oh how i wish everyday was a holiday & money just simply fell from the sky =)

Mlle linie:
Haiyah... i should've just claimed that i was the sexy mat salleh then. hahahaha! (so tak malu kan ;))

Happy New Year to you too!

Now that you mentioned it, it does kinda look like a vibrator huh? Now that would've made for a very nice gift ;)

Jo said...

Lydd...lupak mok tanya. Ada lah ko pakei script - Bintang Plaza, Cheerie Berries, Fratinis, Hot Spot, Thai Bar, Imperial Boulevard?? You should say something about your visit, I mean, "visit" to Miri...LOL!

Perky said...

Hahaha! Oh Jo, i can't possibly write about the visit to Miri. Some "stories" aren't meant to be published ;) hahahaha!

Anonymous said...

nice to have u back. happy new year.