Yeo Yang Poh, the former Bar Council president, wrote:

"They must never forget, not even in their sleep, that their much-improved victory is not their victory, but the victory of the people. Thus they must serve the people with humility and dedication. They should be proud, not of their success, but of the people who have enabled them to succeed."

I completely believe that the BN's embarassing defeat was due to the fact that the people has lost their faith in them. I don't know much about politics. But I do know when things aren't right. And things hasn't been quite right for the past couple of years.

I hope that the new government will be made up of members who are experts in their respective fields and that they will serve the people first. I hope that they will live up to the promises they made when they asked/begged for our votes.

Let's hope that things will now change for the better. Simply put, just do your job right. Do your job well. Otherwise, we'll be better off voting for monkeys in the next General Election.

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2 Your say:

lyana said...

hear ye hear ye. Now, I hope the BN government would really wake up and keep us all happy. And the Barisan Alternatif/rakyat better deliver too!

The Banker said...

i heard that the silvered leaf monkeys of kuala selangor can make very good ADUN. honest ward working fellows, they are.