Mar 5, 2008

My Encounter with the Dead

Scribbled by Perky |

The making of this Hollywood movie was set in a shopping mall. It somehow reminded me of 1Utama. I had rehearsed the scene we're about to shoot a dozen times and it felt like I was somewhat ready to go on camera.

I mean, how do you calm your nerves if you were about to shoot a chasing scene? I didn't want anything to go wrong as I was doing my own stunts. Don't wanna break my neck and I most certainly don't wanna fall on my ass in front of all the crew. But most importantly, today's the first day that I'm meeting the star of the movie.

However, there were no introductions. The moment he stepped onto the set it was Camera! Ready! Action!

And there I was running down a flight of stairs with another person who was wearing a baju kurung and looked pretty much like my sister. We were running away from this star who so happens to be the villain of the movie.

We just kept on running til we reached the basement. Somehow we got separated and I panicked. I needed to track back my steps to find my running partner, but doing so would mean that I was going to come face to face with the villain.

The tension, I could just feel it. My heart was pounding so hard it began to feel like I was at a rave party.

I ran upstairs and true enough, I met my villain. He was right in my face!

I was pissed scared and was kinda like didn't know what to do - do I fight him? do we exchange harsh words? what do I do now? what do I do now?

Oh my Goddddd! Is that... is that HEATH LEDGER!?!?!! What's he doing in my dream? And why is it that I can smell him? Hmm... he smells really good though. I loved your work tremendously, Heath, and I will sorely miss you on the big screen.

Perky, open up your eyes. Now.

I looked at my clock and it was 3am in the morning. It would appear that I had fallen asleep while reading this particular magazine:

Oh never again will I read magazines in my bed!!

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2 Your say:

Anonymous said...

then you should buy his birth date backward..

Sam said...

Wah, your imagination so hebat one. :P