Mar 1, 2008

Mr. Perfect

Scribbled by Perky |

My darling McChef is a Jack of all trades. He not only whoops up a kick ass romantic dinner.

(oops sorry, forgot to switch on the flash)

(there was even a special presentation of each course)

(the lamp that you see in this picture was made by him from scratch. A man that cooks and can build stuff. Cool eh? Perhaps we should open up our very own Ikea)

(the orchids are real and were plucked from his mom's garden. She wasn't too pleased but I bet if she knew what they were for, she would've been very proud of McChef)

Sadly, there were no pictures of the main course and dessert as I was too busy eating.

So McChef not only cooks but he also arranges flowers. Tada!

These are the flowers he sent to me for Valentine's Day, which were specially flown to me through a good friend of ours. Talk about special delivery k!

He's even tied the ribbon himself.

(I can't even tie my shoelace properly, let alone tie ribbons!)

And of course, he doesn't send flowers without a "special" card. So the flowers came with this:

Yeap, it's a piggy card and it has a name. He's called Puru Puru. And it's a He pig because McChef has even taken the liberty to draw a moustache on it.

Puru Puru is a unique pig as it can hold a tiny card in his hands, like this:

And you can even adjust the height level of the card in his hands to evoke various facial expressions. In the picture above, Puru Puru looks shy.

Here he looks shy but not as shy as the first one.

He still looks shy here, except now Puru Puru looks shy AND blur. Cute right?

Well, knowing McChef, he can be romantic and a real @#^$%* at the same time. I mean, check out the card.

After being blown away by his romantic gesture, I was stunned when I read the card. I was lost for words. He calls me Tangki Taik (it means Shit Tank literally) and he signs the card as, you guessed it, Mr. Perfect.

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9 Your say:

Sam said...

What a charmer! So sweet!

But really... what's the story behind tangki taik la. :P

::airswift:: said...

he makes the lamp with his hands? so jealous.

Perky said...

Oh my.. I tot I could get away with not telling that story hehehe.

I had diarrhea during CNY (which was a week b4 valentines). Since he flew all the way here to be with me during CNY, I felt bad that we wouldn't be able to do all the fun stuff due to my condition.

SO, I just went "what the heck? Just keluar je la". But the prob with diarrhea is that you kinda need to constantly go *wink wink*.

So imagine you're in a shopping mall & you HAVE to stop at every public toilet.

And mind u, I don't do public toilets k! *sigh* So it became a joke & that's when he started calling me tangki taik. Sweet kan? *rolling my eyes*

Yeap, the lamp was built from scratch. He had to source for the materials of coz.

He did build me another lamp but it wasn't as nice as the one here. Oh, and he builds his own furniture too. I'm still trying to get him to build me a rocking chair hehehe ;)

lyana said...

haiyoh, sorry, I had to laugh about the tangki taik first. but hey, it's all very heartfelt and romantic. :)

p/s: I don't want to know why you want a rocking chair...or do I? *wink*

MAMADIVA said...

so the manly kan buat lamp...

tapi kan the ribbon dgn flower ke..
itu mak n the gang pandai juagk taw...
colorful lg taw...
keji kan...!

Anonymous said...

You guys r the sweetest loving couple (eventhough you guys are sometimes on the verge of having a "sickening" relationship ;) )! He goes allthe way to impress you n plz you :)
n I so love puru2... shoooo cute! n it's shoooo you!

so what have you done for him in return? ;)


Perky said...

What do u think i want a rocking chair for ah??? So that I can rock myself when I watch tv lor! Ntah aper u pikir ;)

Mama Diva:
U tau tak... after he read my post, he terus tanya i,"Eh why u make me sound like a pondan?" HAHAHAHAHA!

p/s: I tau lah u alls pandai tie ribbons. Itu kan specialty engkau! ;)

Hehehe i know! Puru puru so cute!

Well I entertain him with my quirks n perks. As u should know i can be very entertaining ;)

Sam said...

Awwwwwwwww... that is so sweet - him waiting on you to use the... ahem... toilet. :D I'm glad it didn't botch the date up.

Perky said...

Botch the date up? Oh baby I was the star of the date! He was thoroughly entertained by me being torn between needing to go and having to do it in the public toilet!! Lol!