May 11, 2008

We Weren't Feeling the Groove

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McChef and I was walking around 1Utama about a week ago trying to figure out what to have for dinner. Being adventurous when it comes to food is definitely a plus point when having a chef as a life partner. I have to admit, I'm not that big an adventurer when it comes to food. I HATE, with a passion, things like onions, garlics, veggies (which are essential items to making food taste good, or so they say lah!). McChef, well it's in his nature to taste food and try new things.

Anyways, he's been wanting to try out the food at Sushi Groove. At first, I felt kinda intimidated to enter this place because it looks like one of those place that serves over-priced food. As I only had RM50 in my wallet was feeling extra rich that day, I agreed to make him happy try out this place.

The server handed our menu and perhaps due to the way they phrase the menu, the food sounded interesting. My impression of their food is that they were trying to fuse the typical Japanese sushi with our Malaysian flare. So, what the heck? Never try, never know.

The first food that came was this:

Don't ask me the name, I didn't bother remembering it for this review didn't write it down. We didn't order this plate but I suppose there was a mix-up on the server's end. I was certainly not going to complain about the free food.

McChef tried it out. I wouldn't even eat it even if you paid me to. The food had ONIONS on it, for Christ's sake. I mean, sushi with onions? ONIONS??? Man, that's just weird. And according to McChef, the food was indeed weird. See, I don't even have to try it to know that it's weird.

Then my order came. What's a sushi experience without your typical California Roll right?

This California Roll was definitely the saddest California Roll I've ever eaten. I could not even taste the crab meat or the egg in it. As a matter of fact, the only thing that I could taste was cucumber. Yes, CUCUMBER. They should just name this Cucumber Roll Starring Crouching Crab And Hidden Egg.

Next on the plate was my mash potato. Now, I LOVE potatoes. I could live on potato diet for the rest of my life. Heck, I don't even need rice if there's potatoes for me to eat. Bake it, fry it, mash it... potatoes are damn good!

But sadly, this mash potato has been a failure. I didn't mind that they had put in some tiny cucumbers and carrots (or was it crab meat? Couldn't really taste whatever the red orangey thing was). What I hated about it was the fact that they had added garlic and onions into the mash potato. For added flavor, kononnya lah! Eerrrgggghhhhh! That just ruins the potato taste. Every bite I took made me want to regurgitate. So in the end, I didn't even finish it.

The one that I was looking forward to having was this item (sorry, again I forgot the name). Anyways it's suppose to have salmon and crab meat in it. Ooh, the two things that I absolutely, absolutely love. Mind you, I'm allergic to seafood but I'd go through the uncomfortable itch when it comes to crabs and salmon.

It came as a hot dish, not your typical cold, raw sushi. The orange thing on top of the rice is mayonaise. Just when I thought I was going to have that orgasm that normally comes with eating sushi, this had left me dry. Again, I was disappointed. Because it was so heavily loaded with mayo, I couldn't taste the salmon nor the crab meat.

So for the second piece, I scrapped off the mayo, thinking that I could taste the meat. Nope, no taste of of both meat present. I felt very disappointed.

That's all I ordered at Sushi Groove. McChef had udon and this thing:

It has tuna and fish on it. His verdict on the dish - "It just tastes weird".

My conclusion of this dining experience is that sushi tastes best when it's ORIGINAL. Some things just aren't meant to be fused with our "exotic" Malaysian taste. Or maybe we were just not feeling the groove.

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12 Your say:

mlle linie said...

presentation sux! i bet the taste is even worse.

as a sushi fan, i'm deeply apalled.


how could they ruin such good food?

wassup with the egg looking mayo? sheesshhh, better have breakfast at mcd than that!

and the california roll is sad.... tgk pun tanak makan.

Aziya said...

not a sushi fan. *yuck*

Perky said...

Mlle Linie:
I think the presentation was made worst by the fact that I take real lousy pics Lol!!

But seriously, the only thing I could really taste was cucumber :( It was like eating rice with cucumber :((

*GASP* HOW CAN ANYONE NOT LIKE SUSHI?!?!? My God woman, you're weirrrdddd! ;) hehehe...

lyana said...

darling, me thinks we should stick with Genki or Sushi King, non?

Rindu lihat jujubes excited bila kita ke sushi king. :)

savante said...

Gosh, I have to admit the food looks terrible. But maybe you ordered the wrong dishes - bring me along next time and I'll order the groovy stuff.

Anonymous said...

me no shusi..

Anonymous said...

hah..cant even spell "SUSHI"!! hate sushi!!!

Perky said...

I think the best sushi experience with the gang so far was the time when we de-virginize ivan and made him into a sushi lover. Can't forget the orgasmic look on his face lol!

You know, I thought that could be it, but then again, how wrong can you get with a california roll?

Yalor, maybe should be you next time hoh! :))

You have no idea what you're missing! ;)

boku-wa-kuma (僕はくま) said...

wahhh... me like salmon (さけ) aso!! we could be BFF lah!! ahakss... btw, i had my "sushi orgasm" recently... just ate super fresh sushi in japan last week \(^0^)/

p/s: sushi with onion does exists honey... i'm totally into salmon with onion & mayo... おいしですね!

Perky said...

keji lah engkau nyah! Pergi japan tak bawak kiter >:P Lepas tu sedap2 dier je pergi makan sushi original :PP KEJI!! ;)

I hate onions. Rasa dier seolah-olah I makan body odor orang. Yucks! Onions = B.O!

budleee said...


i like it, its a good fusion of sushi and local ingredients. I love the flying geisha and rock and roll. (rock and roll is just steak and cheese rolled up in some kind of sauce)

the blackpepper ice cream was also a delight.

Perky said...

Hmm I'm beginning to wonder if I did indeed ordered the wrong food. A few of my friends recommended dishes 4 me to try & none of their recommendation was anything I ordered (no surprise there! hahaha).

So yeah, maybe I'll give it another go :)