May 13, 2008

Me Bad Bones

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Anlene came by my office to give us all a bone health test. I was quite excited about this test because of a few reasons:
1) there's NO needles involved (I maybe a massochist and have tattoos but I'm a real pussy when it comes to needles and injections. Weird, I know. Don't ask.)

2) it's FREE (there's no need to say more because we Malaysians are suckers for anything free).

3) I could use the half hour 10 minute break.

To check how healthy your bones are, they need to check its density. The higher the density, the stronger your bones. If you've been drinking your glass of milk everyday, chances are you've got very healthy bones and less likely to suffer osteoporosis later on in life.

The machine that they use to check your bone density is quite interesting. It looks like one of those Ogawa feet massage thingy. Although it was painless, I did feel a bit ticklish when the machine "massaged" my feet.

And immediately you get your results. Here was mine:

The consultant that handed me my bone density test result explained to me what my results mean:
"You are in the yellow group, which means you are in the moderate risk group. We don't normally see this in a 20-year old. Normally, people who are around your age would be in the green group. Normally, we only see this in people who are above 40 years old, or those who are going through menopause. But don't worry, you can still improve this by drinking more milk."

And that basically translates to me as:
"You have bones of a 40-year old. You are incapable of human reproduction and most likely will end up being an angry bitter old hag. Btw, would you like to buy our Anlene products?"

I probably should've told her that I was lactose intolerant.

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6 Your say:

Aziya said...

Hehehehehe.... next time you cut half of your potato intake and start drinking milk... No wonder tulang getting lembik.. asyik makan potato jer.. hahah larikk !!!!!!

Don't buy original milk flavour of Anlene. But the chocolate flavour one.. sedappp !!!

The Banker said...

i dont drink milk too. i dt think im officially lactose intolerant, but i cant tolerate the taste thats for sure!

ur a masochist? i guess mcchef must enjoy it too, or else its just guantanamo bay for him then =P

Perky said...

Girl, I cannot drink milk lah. My perut will always feel funny after that :(

The Banker:
Hahaha! Yeah, I am but he absolutely hates it when I play with my cuts or bruises. Oh, I absolutely love ulcers coz they're super fun to play with ;)

And sometimes when he's geram with me, he'd pinch me but strangely enough, I find that ticklish. lol!

Aziya said...

I think you can buy calcium tablet... mostly it's lactose free.... :)

::airswift:: said...

follow bibik's way-
drink susu perisa pisang.

Perky said...

Eeew gross! :P