May 15, 2008

The One Where I Was Driven to the Brink of Madness

Scribbled by Perky |

There was dust everywhere. EVERYWHERE. When I stepped into my condo yesterday, I thought I was on the set of the Dante's Peak movie. Oh, the price I have to pay to renovate my bathroom.

If you have OCB like I do, you'd definitely understand how I felt - especially with the dust & debris sticking to my feet. No matter how many times I wiped them clean, it just felt dirty & dusty. Eerrrghhh. I was thisclose to having a nervous breakdown.

I admit, I could've avoided having to clean the entire condo yesterday if only I had taken a few simple steps. Such as covering EVERYTHING in plastic. But NooOOOoooOOooo, now everything was covered in dust & debris. Even my bed. Oh, and my dressing table (which was right next to the bathroom) was covered in an-inch of dust! Arrrghhh HORROR!

(the contractors had to temporarily put the bags & BAGS of debris outside my door)

I lacked the common sense This was my first time renovating a room, so things like covering your valuables before the contractors come didn't cross my mind. But funnily enough, before I left for work yesterday, I actually took 5 minutes to keep all of McChef's things. Well, he only had like 4 items on my dressing table. After seeing the mess in my room, I felt silly for not keeping my own things.

Did I mention that I was thisclose to having a nervous breakdown? Yeap. AND my cat, Tiger, certainly didn't help with the situation when suddenly I found her foaming at her mouth. FOAMING!!! I completely freaked out coz the last time I saw a cat foamed at its mouth, it died the next day. I would've taken her to the vet, but what vet opened this late at night?

(I believe she ate some cement, knowing how she likes to lick things. Curiousity did indeed almost killed this cat!)

All I knew what I needed to do was to make that cat drink lots of water. Do you know how hard it is to make a cat drink water when it doesn't want to drink? It's damn hard. Anyways, I told Big Fat Witch to hold Tiger while I sumbat a water hose into its mouth. This lasted for a good half hour and we finally stopped torturing helping the cat when she stopped foaming at her mouth. By then, all 3 of us were wet.

(Don't worry, she's okay now. Stupid cat.)

By this time, McChef had already come home and boy was I glad to see him. Finally, a man who can help me clean this mess! He helped with the mopping as well as wiping all the things on my dressing table. Well, he practically did all the cleaning while I walked around aimlessly with my about-to-cry face.

And that's when he noticed something else that would make me freak out. As I mentioned earlier, EVERYTHING was covered in dust including my bed. Well, Perky was lying down right smack in the middle of the bed and she, too, was covered in dust!


What in gay hell?!?!?!?!??


I have never washed that pig in 3 years. The last time Perky got a bath was when my mom chucked her into the washing machine and I had a complete meltdown, complete with plates flying across the room. But now, I have no choice but to wash her. It's either that or risk having asthma. You see, I've already damaged my lungs with all those years of smoking, so I didn't wanna do more harm by inhalling cement dust.

You should've seen McChef's face. He was truly enjoying himself while I stood nearby, keeping an eagle eye on him while he bathed my most precious toy. And by the time he was done, I hardly recognised my own pig because she was so pink!

It'll be another 3 more days before the contractors are done renovating my bathroom. *sigh* I wonder how much more of this I can take.

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9 Your say:

Aziya said...

*gasp*... look how pink is perky now !!!!.. squeaky squeaky clean... *smile*

i guess before this, she is too brown... 3 years for not washing perky ?... woah that's amazing !!!

Your cat got depression for licking some cement hor?... if she got gigi berlubang maybe dah cover baik lubang gigi tue.. hehehe

lyana said...

reminds me that I need to give Sam a bath too (my lil green froggy softtoy..hehe). Perky looks like she had a makeover. :)

boku-wa-kuma (僕はくま) said...

OMG!OMG!OMG!... i almost shed tears when i read ur cat's mouth foamed... i tot she's not gonna make it coz the sympthom reminded me of my late cats... nvr mind.sad story.period.anyway, i'm glad she's OK now... :)

p/s: what a cute cat!! me just lurrvee cat...

Sam said...

Renovating the bathroom I see. More space for... bathroom sex? ;P

Perky said...

What I loved most bout Perky was her smell. And now, she smells like Softlan :( Yucks. 3 years u know I kumpul my saliva on that pig to hasilkan the bau terharum di dunia ;)

Noooo, don't wash your frog! Soft toys dont require baths ;)

If you think Tiger's cute, you should see my other cat, Kellogs. She's even more cute, tapi retarded. Betul! She fell off my balcony (which is the 5th floor btw), & she survived! But ever since then dier tu macam tak betul sikit lah. But her bulu damn cantik & silky black.

What do you think? ;)

wEn said...

bathroom sex? ooo KINKY! add a spa tub maybe?

Perky said...

Don't give me ideas darling ;)

budleee said...


you think that is terrible, try having the whole house renovate my dear and living in it. I mean the whole house as in the only room that were not touched was the storeroom. Dust and dust or yeah more dust every where. there was so much dust i resent coming back home and rather stay in my rented house with my crazy, noisy housemates.. there is pictures of it in my blog,

::airswift:: said...

pink pink pink!!