May 3, 2008

Oh If Only I Have the Moolah!!

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Well, RM200k to be exact. No, RM162,800 to be precise. I figured a round number sounds nicer. Plus I could always use the extra change. Why? Well, I need that moolah to purchase this:

It's a Honda Civic Hybrid. On the outside, it looks exactly like a Honda Civic. Even before the Hybrid was out, I was going goo goo gaga over this car. It's a damn sexy car.

Yes, I do know that the normal Honda Civic drinks fuel like water. Basically, all Honda cars do.

But the Hybrid, oooh boy, the Hybrid is damn special. Do I even dare attempt to write a review about cars? Anyways, feel free to correct me if my facts are off.

From my understanding, the Hybrid has a petrol engine that has been mounted with an electric motor. It has this Intelligent Power Unit (IPU) that stores electric power in a compact battery box and controls the flow of electricity to and from the electric motor. The battery even recharges when you decelerate.

I don't want to get too technical here, but what I'm trying to say is that, this car has the coolest technology installed in it which gives you more mileage and economical fuel consumption. So that basically means, you save fuel. Save fuel, you save the planet by reducing the CO2 emission from your car.

And that, my dear friends, is enough to convince me to buy a Hybrid (I'm quite big on trying to save the planet. In fact, I do separate my rubbish - plastics go in 1 place, and tins/cans go in another).

Oh, here's another cool fact from the salesperson that told me about this car - For 100km you only use RM10 worth of petrol! Think of how much moolah you can save in the long run. And don't forget, fuel price will keep on rising in the future. Of course, you'll need to pay through your nose to purchase one of these Hybrid babes, but it's SO WORTH IT in the long run.

So, to all those of you thinking that it's cool to have a BMW or a ridiculously priced car, think of the Honda Civic Hybrid (or whatever Hybrid cars out there in the market). If you have the moolah to begin with, why not spend it on something that can also help save the planet? It's not like this car is underpowered, you know.

*Note: Author is NOT on Honda's payroll to write about their Hybrid car.

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lyana said...

*drool*. sexy car indeed-y.

but i have to buy a small car first ( tak mampu nak pikir jauh jauh darling, apatah lagi hybrid cars! but they should be coming up with cheaper environmentally friendly cars lah- the rate the consumption of fuel and what not is going kan)- got house mortgage etc to think of when I get back and actually working! hahahaha. Kelisa is now happily being used by my small brother- i don't think he'll give it back to me...hmmm.

Anonymous said...

my colleague got the 2.0S civic. Looking at the pictures there, the interior are quite the same, except that it is right hand drive.
sometimes i love the feeling of driving sedan type cars, the smoothness and all, but i told myself to stick to the practicality of a double cabin truck. it gets those big things anywhere and diesel engines produces less CO2 than petrol engines, well atleast the new ones. one can get greener by installing one of those hydrogen injecting equipment into the air intake to get complete combustion, bigger torque and minimum CO2 output. I've always wanted to change my SR to the new hilux but those damn salesman won't give me a good price for my current hilux. And if only i have the moolah, i'd get a fortuner.

Perky said...

Yeah i think sometime in the future, hybrid cars will be much more affordable. Now the hybrid technology masih dikira baru mah.

I'm actually the happiest when driving a 4wd - which is probably why I love driving when I'm in Kch (dad has a Ranger). But in KL, having a 4wd (esp if you're a tiny girl) is like asking to be robbed/kidnapped. Plus, parking a truck can be quite a bitch over here.

I used to like the hilux but I kinda hate the suspension & how the back wheels keep sliding around. As for the Ranger, I absolutely hate sitting in the back coz it gives me bad back aches.

I still have a huge crush on the Mitsubishi Storm though :)

Anonymous said...

i was test driving this mitsubishi triton few weeks ago. funny thing is that, at the showroom the salesman told me that it can switch to 4WD at 100km/h. so on the road i pressed on the fuel to get 100km/h and as i was about to switch to 4WD suddenly the salesman on the front passanger seat shouted "JPJ! JPJ!!". at the road block, we just smile to the JPJ officer as we pass by slowly. looking at us i think they knew it was a test driving session.
anyway, the triton is the best 4wd i've drove in terms power and comfort but the new ranger TDCi engine is the most powerful of them all right now.

Sam said...

200k would be for my Lexus RX300 darling (I think it actually costs more, but I'm not sure :P). Now that would be the car of my dreams. :D

Mlle Linie.. said...


Aziya said...

if Kancil got Hybrid system pun I'll be happy....hehe

Anonymous said...

erm u can always ask daddy to buy u 1 or sell of 1 of his expensive cars ;) any chance of him trading in his sports car for a hybrid? ;)


Perky said...

Hahaha! Nasib oso you saw the policeman kan? ;) Yeah, the triton's great but I find the inside of the car too small for a 4wd (i know i know i'm picky! Lol! ;))

Lol! yeah, it does cost more than rm200k darling!

Mlle Linie:
It'll be a nice accessory to go with your landed property dream kan? :)

If only lah kan! I'd buy it too :)

Lu siaw ah? Sell off 1 of his cars? My god woman, what will he drive to golf? Sell off 1 of his cars? But what will he use to go to the office?? And think of my mom. What will she use to go the market in front of our house??? LOL!

Sell off his sports car? MY GOD WOMAN, what WILL he drive to go the club???? LMAO!

I think that IF I do manage to buy a hybrid, on my own, i think that itself would be a very big acomplishment and it'd be sumthing that i can be proud of "hey I worked my rear-end for this car & I earned it!"

Although i am paying the monthly installments 4 my current car, daddy did pay the downpayment for me u know :(

::airswift:: said...

i have a feeling that these electric/hybrid/hydrogen cars are going to boom soon.. give it ten years the most.

toyota is also launching theirs soon. nice car too.