Jan 27, 2007

Things That Make Me Weak In My Knees

Scribbled by Perky |

Let's face it, we all are creatures of temptations and greed. Only the strong will pass this cruel test by God. That Man has a wicked sense of humor - He'd give you a garden of red meat grilled to perfection nonetheless, despite knowing that you will die a painful death from the fat and cholesterol that has made a home in your heart. It's God's fault, the way I see it. He has the power to make us strong, but nooooo... temptations, baby. Just to prove His point on who's the real boss, He even makes us greedy by nature. He made us smart to know what will happen to us if we give in to temptations, but He made us weak. Yes, it's God's fault.

I'm not shy to admit that I'm weak. I'm very weak. I have a tongue that desires to taste a gazillion of things and a stomach that can accomodate 2 houses, at least. And I will stop at nothing 'til I satisfy every thirst and hunger that I have. Actually, I'll most likely stop eating completely if you start serving me garlic/onions/earthly food as I'm 'allergic' to those. I do not care if me cramming that fourth steak will result in my thighs doubling up in size. Yes, I love temptations and I'm greedy. So bite me!

The Love for Things From The Sea
I absolutely love seafood. And having allergies hasn't stopped me from eating them either. Seafood makes my face itch like mad. My facial lady has repeatedly warned me to reduce my seafood intake as it results in the breakouts on my face. She even makes sure I remember her warnings by squeezing them zits extra extra hard. She says she does it out of love. Hmph whatever...

I even drove to Kuantan once so that I can have fresh seafood. Heck, I even dragged Cain & Abel and Airswift along just so that I won't be a loner-berloner whilst I stuff my face with fish, crab and prawns. Kuantan - who the heck drives 2 hrs+ just to eat seafood? Perky, the seafood whore.

To die for: Buttered prawns, crabs (any style of cooking) and ikan masak asam pedas or sweet sour fish.

Apparently, I almost died a few times from eating seafood (okay, I'm being overly dramatic with the almost died here but I was thisclose to dying). Because of my allergies, apparently I'm not suppose to drink any alcoholic beverages during/after food consumption. And I thought me puking like mad was simply a case of eating bad fish!

Things That Go "Moo" and "Baa"
I am strictly carnivores. I absolutely love meat. Red meat to be exact. And black meat(?) (I'm not too sure what color lamb meat is). I'm not too big a fan of chicken meat but I will eat it if it's the only thing available. Once I attended a bbq party hosted by *Crazy Mofo. On the menu was meat and meat and more meat. Most of the people there stopped eating after having the second serving, but no, not for me. I couldn't possibly let all that meat go to waste. And *Crazy Mofo felt the same way, too. So there we were, filling our bellies with meat. It took us the entire night but hey, we did it. Our eating spree turned into a race (eveything's a friggin race when *Crazy Mofo is around). Slowly the crowd saw us buried under piles and piles of cow and sheep bones (wah dramatik nye!). He beat me by three lambchops *sigh*...

I'd kill you for: That last piece of steak

Brown Honey
I absolutely love chocolates. Even the sight of chocolates makes me happy. Happy happy happy. However, the only reason why I don't eat as much chocolates as I'd like to is that chocolates make me high and hyper. Me high and hyper is not a good combination. When I eat too much chocolates, I become Stich on speed. There was once I had a craving for Cadbury's Crunchies. I couldn't settle for just 1 bar of Crunchies, so I ended up eating 8 bars of Crunchies. I couldn't sleep for 3 days. I couldn't stop moving for 3 days! When I'm high and hyper, I clean and I clean and I clean until there's nothing left to clean.

A friend of mine once fed me a bar chocolates knowing how crazy I'll be. I ended up cleaning his entire apartment! So no more chocolates for me. Well, okay, maybe a tiny little bite.

If I Can't Have It There, Then I Don't Want It At All
I'm a picky eater, as you all know (no onions, please!). Fussy, too (it's too big, can you cut it smaller, darling?). To make things worst, I'm also very loyal. That means, if I think that the chicken wings they serve at Big Ben's are the best, I won't even bother with chicken wings they serve at other restaurants. This is my motto: If you've had the best, then don't bother with the rest. I mean, no point spoiling your taste buds with nonsense right?

It's Escargot, Not Escar-GoT, You Uncultured Beast
There's this place called Monte's at Bangsar Shopping Centre. You can also find Monte's at Sunway Pyramid. Oh my god, the escargot they serve there is too die for. It's so yummy that they should opt to make escargot as the main course instead of appetizer. It's so good that that's the only place I go to have my escargot binge.

You Make Me Wanna Go Lala
There's this place in Jalan Bukit Gasing called The Ipoh Chicken Rice shop (okay, I think that's what the shop's called). Anyway, you can't miss it as it's just across the KWSP building - same row with 7-Eleven. Once a month I go to this kopitiam to have my fried lala (yes, I do realize that it has nothing to do with chicken but they do serve it at the shop), which is cooked in chinese wine and ginger. It's so good that I usually have 2 bowls of rice and a serving of fried lala fit for 3 people (did I mention that I'm greedy? Yeah, I did). I only have their fried lala once a month as it gives me the grandmother of all allergies. But you know, it's worth it.

Orgasmic Food
Chocolate mocha mudpie. Mmm Yummm... Chocolate mocha mudpie from T.G.I. Friday's, to be exact. Back in my hell-raising days, my girlfriends and I would meet at Friday's (on Friday's, no pun intended) to have our weekly girlfriend session. After satisfying our thirsts with margaritas, we'd always have the mudpie - just to end the night on a good note. Countless bitching sessions, countless tears were shed, countless laughters roared over the table as we 'dig in' the chocolate mocha mudpie. Each bite was definitely better than the one before. I swear by my pink Crocs that I always leave Friday's with my panties 'wet' after having their super sinful mudpie.

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4 Your say:

cain & abel said...

so when wanna go kuantan again? I still vividly remember those steamed fish and that magical crab!

bigfatwitch said...

i wanna go too! Mak sentap dpt MMS from the 3 stooges who dared to enjoy seafood in Kuantan without me grrr!

And slugs? *gag* You sick, sick, freak...

Jay said...

I think you're absolutely mad for eating food you're allergic too - although, I love lobster, I guess I know where you're coming from.

Perky said...

Cain & Abel:
Yeah I so wanna go again! That trip was so much fun, but it would be funner if the whole gang was with us kan kan kan? =)

Big Fat Witch:
Hmmm... either we go before you leave or go when you come back. Hmm... man that's a long wait!!

You should try 'em slugs. You might just like it ;)

Hey nice seeing you here again =)
It's the same concept as having that extra scoop of icecream even though you know it's gonna be bad for your thighs. But you just can't help it coz that extra scoop will make you extra happy. Lol!