Jul 6, 2006

Bryan's Sissy Side

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99.9% of those who know my partner will most likely say that he's a macho kind of guy... and I don't mean the beefy-Arnold-Schwaze-I-Can-Never-Spell-That-Terminator-Guy's-Name kind of guy. He's macho in the sense that he doesn't scare easily, he'd definitely fight for you, defend you, etc... well, he's a manly kind of guy (except if there are frogs or lizards around... but shhh you're not suppose to know that he's piss scared of them. And I mean, really piss scared... as in he screams like those chics in them B-grade horror movies kind of scream. Well you catch the drift) But people, I'm here to tell you (as I am one of those very rare 0.1% of those who know him oh too well), Bryan's got a sissy side! Muahaha!

I suppose it's normal for couples to have that pillow talk where each asks questions like "Why do you love me?", "Would you go to the ends of the world for me?" and whatever ridiculous questions people come up with when in a relationship. As my brain was about to shut down after some intensive work out, he decides to pick then and there to have 'that' talk. He bombards me with these ridiculous questions:

The classic - Why do you love me?
Why me?
Where do you see this relationship going?
What do you expect from me?
How come you don't ask me these questions like the rest of my ex-girlfriends?

How was I suppose to answer these questions?? There are no right or wrong answers. Just answers that he wants to hear, answers that can assure him that I love him. Problem is, how am I suppose to know what he wants to hear? So, ever the tactful person that I am (or can be...), this was my reply:

The classic - Why do you love me?
For many reasons. I can't list them down for you and I shouldn't have to. I mean for instance, I love you coz you cook for me. So if one day you don't cook for me, does that mean I have to love you less?
He laughed at my reply, citing that I replied his question with another question. To which I replied him, "But that's the same reply you would've given me if I had asked you that question first".

Why me?
Why not you? Every path I took seemed to lead to you.
He knew I didn't have an answer to that. You guys have any ideas?

Where do you see this relationship going?
I hope it goes to where we both will grow together, as 2 people committed to stay together with the hope of a shared future.
He obviously liked this answer.

What do you expect from me?
At the very least, loyalty and honesty.
"Crap, that was easy. I could never answer that question before." Before I came into the picture, he would reply that question with another question, or give half answers that would seriously annoy the fuck out of the other girls.

How come you don't ask me these questions like the rest of my ex-girlfriends?
'Cause you finally got it right this time and picked yourself a smart, secured and self-assured woman. Ok fine, you picked yourself a self-loving, proud, arrogant, over-confident woman. But the point is, I don't need to ask you these questions because all the answers that I need I get from your actions towards me.
He was obviously going to need a while to ponder on that. So I gave him a kiss, turned my back and slept. I can't believe he kept me up for this nonsense.

I hope he isn't planning to use my answers should he decide to get himself a new girlfriend. That bastard.

On a Lighter Note...
Enough of Bryan bashing. I'm not that terrible of a girlfriend to slam my man. Besides his sissy side, he does have a very sweet side (one that I'm very fortunate to see everyday, btw). I had a bad case of hypoglisemia late last night where my hand started shaking very badly (it was probably 1000 shakes per minute... give and take). There he was, in the middle of the night, making me his yummylicious scrambled eggs (most men wouldn't even bother getting up for anything unless if it's football and sometimes, sex). He took out a slice of bread which was kept in the refrigerator and told me to eat it with the scrambled eggs. I shook my head.

Being the bratty princess that you all know I am, I told him (complete with me doing my infamous pout), "The bread is cold and it's such a hassle to eat." Yes, feel free to go "WTF?!?" on me. How hard can it be to eat bread? But you see, I'm lazy and I've always preferred food that I can pop in my mouth.

The next thing I know, I see Bryan taking that slice of bread from me, and chopped them into sugar-cube sizes. After that, he puts them onto the pan and toasts it with butter. So not only do I have bread that I can just pop into my mouth, I also have them hot and crispy. If that ain't sweet, I don't know what else to call it =)

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9 Your say:

Anonymous said...

aww... lucky you!

-ibu hoshi

Himu said...

:-) You two have found the right match. I have a feeling every roads you two took lead to each other to a future where you two will grow old and grey and have a happy life ;-) . Take care Perky.

sharon said...

bloody lucky. *green*

i thought the scenario of the q&a only in movies. :)

he's a keeper girl.

cain & abel said...

Heck i'll thank my lucky stars if MY boyfriend doesn't mess up the kitchen for me; let alone cook. You're so bloody lucky. Hold on tight girl!

Anonymous said...

If you ask me, i think he's the lucky one. All of us would agree why he'd go to great lengths to make you happy. You can make even the most ordinary guy the luckiest man on earth. That's why i love to read your blog... to see the world as you see it.

-Someone who knows you...

Tan said...

I just wana ask u 1 thing - Where the fuck do u get all these guys ah???? Stop hogging all the good ones lah... leave some to us poor souls :P

Perky said...

Ibu Hoshi:
Yeah i know *blush blush*

I plan to lock him up somewhere & hide the key where only I can find it. Muahahaha!!! *tilts head back and gives her evil laughter*

Cain & Abel:
Hey your darling also very sweet wat.... box set of south park and everybody loves raymond. dang!! now i gotta drag bryan and pout and see what he'll buy for me ;)

Someone who THINKS they know me:
He'd go to those lengths to make me happy coz it's EASIER to be my slave than having to hear me bitch & complain. hahahahahaha!!!

Hey woman, try standing at a lamp post holding a cig in one hand late at night. It helps if u wear see-thru blouse and a really really short skirt ;) hehehehehe.

Xavier said...

why him?

cos he compliments ur attributes

and he's darn SWEET too!

oh goddess of elune, where shall i find my... err Brian???

Anonymous said...

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