Jul 3, 2006


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England is out of the World Cup. How sad is that? I believe they had the almost perfect team - you have Rooney and Owen as your strikers, Lampard, Gerrard, J. Cole and Beckham in the midfield, and Ashley Cole, Neville, Ferdinand and Terry guarding at the back. I say almost because Erikson must've had some brain trauma which had led him to put Crouch as a striker. Yes, the 'tiang lampu' (eng trans: lamp post) as a striker??? WTF? The poor guy is so tall that he practically elbows his opponents (either intentionally or unintentionally... your pick) - thus earning him yellow cards and cautions by the ref. And let's not forget that crazy 5-4-1 formation used in the match against Ecuador.

Anyways, today's post is about the game between England and Portugal. Somehow I just had a bad feeling about that match. When Rooney was shown the red card, I pretty much knew England's World Cup campaign was a lost cause. I hate Christiano Ronaldo. I'm pretty sure all England fans hate him just as much.

The Ugly:
- Being the few England fans sitting amongst hard core Portugal fans. What was I thinking sitting with a bunch of Portugal fans? This lack of judgement I blame it on Bryan. Damn him and his Portugal team. I felt like there was a target at the back of my head everytime I cheered for England.
- Rooney being shown the red card. Was it for the shove on Ronaldo or was it for the accidental kick on Ricardo Carvalho?
- I started to cry when Ronaldo came up to take the penalty and was pretty much inconsolable after that. 'Nuff said.

The Bad:
- With Rooney and Beckham out, who was going to take the kick for the penalty shootout? Lampard and Gerrard... what a huge disappointment....
- I came down with fever just as my World Cup event was just about to start. It's tough trying to run an event and watch your team lose the way they did.

The Good:
- Bryan (perhaps out of guilt for supporting Portugal instead of MY team) gave me his shoulder to cry on. Props to Bryan. It must be embarassing to be around someone crying her eyes out for the opposing team. People actually thought he had done something wrong to me and gave him the cock-stare. Poor guy. And for that I suppose I could forgive him for supporting Portugal.

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3 Your say:

Derek said...

Not trying to be a bastard, but you actually did expect England to win? I mean even though Portugal didn't play that well either and England seemed to be attacking like mad ....

Sorry, didn't mean to rub it in.

Anyway, got linked from xavier. Interesting blog you have here. And I wish you all the best between you and your bf.

Himu said...

I really hope Australia would move forward. Only if the referre was not that "f******" stupid. Take care Lydd

Sean said...

this is kinda late to be throwing in my 2 pence but here I go. As much as a United fan that I am, England has nvr convinced me that they would hv gone all the way this year. For starters? Beckham, Crouch and Walcott.

Lennon should have been given the green light to play more, Defoe should have been called up. But the future looks good. Beckham retires from being captain (good choice.. better retire than being stripped off it) and Sven Boring Erickson is gone, going gone.

himu, i agree with u.. it was such a stupid decision.. Grosso totally fell over.. it was never a foul. Australia could have marched on to the semis whr they would hv met Germany, then Germany wins, goes to the finals and Danke Danke, the Germans are 4 time winners..