Jun 26, 2006

Why I Haven't Been Blogging

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Ok ok, stop bombarding me with "Why haven't you been blogging lately?" and "Please update your blog... pls pls pls... ". (I don't know how you guys manage to get my email though... considering that I didn't put my email add on my site. Hmm...)

Isn't it obvious why I haven't been blogging?

Reason 1:

Is that not reason enough? No? I mean, if I wasn't watching football, I'd be using those precious time catching up with much needed sleep.

Reason 2:
I just started work at a new company and already given the enormous task of organising the World Cup event.

Reason 3:
I need to spend good quality time with my boyfriend who just moved here *hint hint HINTTTT*

Will try to do better next month k =)

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3 Your say:

sharon said...

justified! :)

Anonymous said...

:( Australia lost :P

Anonymous said...

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