Jun 26, 2006

Did He Just Do What I Think He Did?

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I got kicked out of our friend's house the other day by my supposedly sweet and loving boyfriend. Yes, people. I got kicked out of the house. Thankfully it wasn't my own house, though, coz if it was, then I would have to sit my partner down for those dreaded we-need-to-talk sessions.

Perhaps it was partly my fault for extending my visit til wee hours in the morning. But is it wrong to be completely hooked on to Prison Break? After watching the first two episodes of that series I was completely hooked. So much so that I didn't even bother to watch the England vs Sweden match when it came on at 3am (although I do somewhat regret it now after reading how exciting that match was. Dang!)

Prison Break... my latest obsessionI was halfway watching the 7th episode of Prison Break when he just took me by the hand and told me to go home. I know!! WTF?! No one, and i mean NO ONE can pull me away from my favourite idiot box regardless of who's house it is. I feel like a child who's candy was taken away from her. Damnit.

I know! I could download the whole season and watch it in the comforts of my OWN home. Try kicking me out of my own house, bitch *evil grin*.

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