Jun 2, 2006

We're In It For The 50 Years

Scribbled by Perky |

So he tells me that I'm the 'one'. He even calls me his wife these days. I suppose that's better than me calling him my bitch. When my partner first told me that he’s moving to the big city to work (and be closer to me, let’s not forget), I couldn’t be more thrilled. Finally I could have a normal date that won't be restricted by the lmited time together when one is in a long distant relationship. How nice it would be if I could just see my boyfriend whenever I wanted? (and the time, energy and MONEY saved).

Although it was fun making and putting plans to fit the few days we had together, honestly, I’ve gotten a bit sick of that routine. I hated not having enough sleep. I hated it even more whenever I felt guilty for falling asleep whenever he came over for just 3 days. Time is precious, afterall. However, after much thought, I realized as much as I have to gain from him being here, I also have quite a bit to lose.

- When in a fight, he’s surely to bring up “But I moved here to be with you!” How am I suppose to argue with that?

- MY friends are gonna be HIS friends. This contradicts my nature of keeping separate groups of friends (a necessity for my sanity). I like it when a couple can still maintain their individualism. However, seeing that most of my close-knit friends are gay and my partner being the homophobe that he is, I could very well still get to keep my friends.

- I can’t do things on my own anymore. No more solo adventure trips with whomever happens to be around at the time I came up with the idea (for instance the sudden urge to go for a day’s trip to Kuantan just to play at the beach and eat seafood…). Now I actually will have to consult him to avoid unnecessary confrontation (I don't mind confrontations, but only if it's me doing the yelling of course).

- No more alone time for me. Being the possessive bastard that he is (and I mean that in a loving way, btw), he’s going to want to take up all of my free time. That means less time for me to daydream about Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt and making babies with Jon Bon Jovi. Sucks, doesn’t it?

- Cleaning up his mess – be it the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom… Men are just messy creatures. Period.

- I can’t watch football in front of him as it bores him to death. I have yet to come up with a plan on how I'm going to sneak out of the room to watch the Fifa World Cup on tv from next week til 10th July. Live telecasts are shown at 9pm, 12am and 3am. So far I've practised my melt-your-heart face to get away from his complaining about my obsession with football.

- I actually might have to share the TV remote control with him, or worst, let him pick the channel. Of course this isn't going to happen during the Fifa World Cup. Any other time is fine I suppose.

- I can’t break up with him for at least the first 6 months he’s here. I can be a bitch but I’m not that cruel most of the time. If I see the need for us to break up, I’ll do it after the 6th month because by then he should know his way around the city and I figured he would already made some new chic friends.

- He hates my pet iguana. I haven't told him that I got myself a new baby iguana recently. I mean, the bastard blackmailed me - If you get another iguana, you won't be seeing me until both of them dies. Yeah, I know! He's so heartless sometimes.

- He HAS to feed me. Considering that I am always hungry but am unable to prepare my own food, as my boyfriend, he has a duty to ensure that I live to see tomorrow.

- Speaking of feeding, I might not have to get out of bed to eat since he likes to spoonfeed me. (I do realize that that makes me sound like an overgrown baby, but who am I to deny that? I AM an overgrown baby).

- My ‘obsessed fans’ will now have a very good reason to stay away from me: my super jealous boyfriend would beat the crap out of them if they so much glanced my way. (Okay, so I made this one up….)

- My phone bills won’t be so high (my last one was almost RM500).

- No more flying around to see each other. Which really is great because I don't like to fly.

- No more missing each other so badly anymore. Maybe now we'll just irritate the fuck out of each other. Hmm I don't which is worst - the missing part or the irritating part. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

- I could keep an eye on him (turns out possessiveness is a two-way thing).

- I could show off my wonderful boyfriend in front of my friends (yes, I could be very vain at times)

Ok sarcasm aside, I guess what I’m really trying to say is that him moving here is a huge step for the both of us. We’ve both thought and discussed about settling down together, you know, the ring, the wedding, sign along the dotted line, spending the next 50 years devoting ourselves to each other, basically the whole 9 yards. As lovely as that thought is, however, we’ve never spent more than 2 weeks together as a couple. So it could be a different story when we spend too much time together. I really don’t know. Well, I’m just going to treat this as the rehearsal stage or prelude to a life together.

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7 Your say:

sharon said...

you guys will be fine... :) good luck!

Alex said...

Bryan's a very lucky guy to have you lydd =)

Perky said...

Thanx u two!! :)

Himu said...

:-) :o :D ;)

canardbidon said...

good luck with everything!

but you're right - things can be very different when you haven't lived together before... glad to see that you've got a very practical approach to everything tho :)

in the meantime, enjoy the free flow of sex! heheheheheh

Ban said...

Heh, I think you'll do fine. You've got a better idea what's gonna happen than I do...which isn't saying much. :p

Perky said...

My friends has always said this to me: "You have a body of a girl but a mind of a man". hehehe... i'm a practical person aight =)

p/s: have been enjoying the free flow of amazing & great sex ;)LOL.

I think I'm just going with the flow more than I know what's gonna happen. There's only so much planning you can do but in the end, things happen... be it good or bad. So it's better to live life day by day =)