Apr 13, 2009

Clash of the Ego

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It is a universal fact that couples enjoy doing things together. Some couples wear matching outfits, some have matching hairdo (I swear, one of my gfs had a mullet haircut once just so she could match her bf's hairdo), some couples sit facing each other at Starbucks but engrossed in their own laptops.... so yeah, you get the drift.

McChef is no exception to this rule. He loves getting involved in the things I do because to him, it's the same as doing things together. Though I find this behavior of his rather endearing, there are some times when I feel that he's verging on hovering and just plain being a busybody.

Case in point - when I blog, he loves to read over my shoulder and tells me how to write (oh the nerve!). Or when I practice my guitar playing, he'll be like this vulture and waits til I put down my guitar. He would then pick my guitar up and "plays" like he's some guitar hero god. *sigh* The things I have to put up with sometimes.

Anyway, as you are aware, I've recently picked up paper crafting as a hobby, which I'm turning into a business. While I was making a card for Twilight Zone, McChef was (no surprise here) hovering near my work table, snooping around checking out what I was doing.

Since I was concentrating on my work, I couldn't be bothered with what exactly he was doing. When I first looked up, he was sketching something (using my sketch book nonetheless!).

The next time I looked up, he was cutting some of my materials and assembling them on the floor.

Nose-deep in my craft, he then shoved his first handmade item in front of me. And to be honest, I was jealous. My first creation was 2 flowers in a vase. His was a cool skull head which he named El Poco Loco, that loves to eat tacos and smoke a certain plant.

This is El Poco Loco, who taunts me by asking "Hoo's the cutest?"

He even wears a sembrero with a pink feather attached to it. He loves tacos (that thing near the right cheek)

El Poco Loco smokes and eats at the same time, which has made his teeth crooked

I don't deny that McChef is the more creative and artsy one between the two of us, but I think that life is a bit unfair to me. Between the two of us, he's the better looking one, he's better at business ventures and he can cook. As for my talent, well let's see... selective memory (read: forgetful), selective hearing (read: short attention span) and able to entertain others with my acrobatic skills (read: clumsy). Isn't it "great" to be me?

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18 Your say:

::. Anton ::. said...

Awwwwwwwww Ms. Perky is sooooooo in love!


Nick Phillips said...

Artist little bum ... urmmm, I mean fellow isn't he? LOL!

Queen B said...

the card is lovely my dear~

we like! XD

Medie007 said...

be grateful he's Mr. Perky then. LOL

Fable Frog said...

WAH! can we get his paper craft on your paper craft shop??? :P

Twilight Zone said...

Oh McChef is sooooo sweeeeeet guy & he knows how to pamper you! I wanna say that the card you are making for me sounds fabulous & creative beyond my expectation! I am so excited & can't wait to see it!

Sam said...

Guys just have a wilder imagination. ;)

Jaime @ Fast Times said...

Sometimes I feel so inartistic next to my male counterparts. It's so shameful.

savante said...

OMG! Now I wanna marry him too!

A Common Singaporean said...

You can both cater to different audiences!

The skull art is interestingly cool!

Congrats for you new biz!!

budleee said...

period ker?


dont worry dear, he does not have a blog... does he?

Perky said...

Anton:*blush blush* Is it that obvious? ;)

Nick Phillips:Lol! Yeah he is :)

Queen B:Glad to know I have your stamp of approval :)

Medie007:Hahaha! Mr Perky... what a way to bruise someone's ego ;)

Fable Frog:Oh no, I'm not going to encourage him to pursue this (keji tak?). This one's my hobby. He can go get his own hobby. lol!

Twilight Zone:Eh, you didn't receive the email I sent to you yesterday? That one shows the finished card :)

Sam:Hmm... you kinda do have a point there :P

Jaime:Yeah I know exactly how that feels! Urgh... it's just unfair.

Savante:Get your own slave that you can boss around ;)

A Common Singaporean:Hahaha. Let's not give him any ideas ;)

Budleee:OMG. How'd you konw? I'm actually pms-ing now >:P

Lol! Yeah, nasib he don't like to write/type. hahaha!

sheng said...

I really admire people with creative hands.

Ron Jerem Lee said...

dont u feel that thats too sticky!? what about the idea of "to love someone is to accomplish her to be more herself" - not "more like him"

lyana said...

sorry McChef, but I think perky's the good looking one in the relationship. Though, unfortunately I can't deny that you're the better cook (off course lah!) and the less clumsy one!



onyxx said...

hey, this is cool ;)

[mr joan croft] said...

If you're ever interested in more 3-D type papercrafts, there are a lot of sites out there that cater to it. Even Canon has a section for papercrafting. I enjoy Nintendo crafts myself (I've posted some on my blog). Some really cool papercraft sites are http://paperkraft.blogspot.com/ and http://www.papercraftmuseum.com/ ... More models than you can shake a stick at :)

Perky said...

Lyana:Awww... that's so sweet of you. Lol! Yeah, oh how I wish I was the better cook & more coordinated one too! ;)

Mr Joan Croft:Thanks for the info! :)