Omg, I have treated my blog the same way a husband cheats on his wife.

For the past couple of weeks I had been staying late in the office due to a big event I had last weekend. You see, that's another thing I realize about being an event organizer. When I don't have an event to work on, I'm like the most free, laidback, got-all-the-time-in-the-world-to-lie-in-every-bed-in-the-Ikea-store kinda person (and you'll see me blogging and blog hopping everyday!). But when the event is just around the corner, the only time I can spare is used for me to eat and sleep. Even taking a dump is something that needs to be done in under 30 seconds! The fast and furious crap job, that's what I call it.

That's how crazy it can get with my line of job.

Having to attend to 700+ emails from guests, clients and sponsors, being online was the last thing I wanted to do. Instead, when I got home, I went into my zen mode by playing my guitar. My guitar became my secret lover. I'd rather be "canoodling" and making sweet music love with her than look at my blog wife. However, these past couple of days I've been too lazy to spend time with my secret lover (read: my nails have grown longer and I've been too lazy to cut and file my nails. For those of you who's never played any string instruments, having short fingernails is a pre-requisition when playing the guitar).

Oh, let's not forget, there's McChef, who came back last week after spending almost a month in Terengganu due to work. Of course I had to pay some attention to him, too. Afterall, he is my dirty lover. And just like the dirty lover that he is, he skipped town last night to go back to work in Terengganu. Biatch.

No lover to pamper me, and no event to organize almost jobless at the moment, has made me think about the one who has always welcomed me with open arms and ready to listen to my nonsense thoughts.

And just like a husband who regretted his affair and wants to go back home to his wife, I "showered" my blog with some love. Check out my new header, designed by Aimee. She made a cartoon version of me from a picture I gave to her. Cute eh? Nothing says "I love you" like giving a picture of yourself to your loved one ;)

Ok, ok, enough about me talking like a narcissistic adulterous husband ;)

All I'm saying is that I'm back in the blogosphere!

Also, I'm in the midst of setting up my online shop. Thanks to Aimee again for doing my shop banner (p/s: If you're looking for a graphics designer, I highly recommend Aimee as not only is she very creative but she also works very fast. She gave me a few designs to choose from and did so within a few hours after I told her what I wanted. You may email her at starofseraph(AT)gmail(DOT)com).

So yeah, I'll soon be launching my online shop for my handmade paper goods, so stay tuned for that! :)


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13 Your say:

pikey said...

Welcome back! Looking fwd to more of yr postings and of course, job is always more important thing than anything else... we get the money! LOL.

Medie007 said...

ooooh i lurve your dirty lover la.


salute him to be able to stand such a sluty 'husband' like you. hahahahhaha

just jk. :D

Sam said...

Love the new banner, it's so you! :D

You can be like... the new Xiaxue, only not so siasui. :P

Now I know why you're so silent online though!

Queen B said...

we say that the new banner is fabulous!

welcum back dearie to the blogosphere! XD

Fable Frog said...

wah Perky's back with a big bang! New faboo banner/header~ and an online handmade paper goods shop to follow?? how great is that! ha! you took our advice! bravo~ kekekeke kudos to Aimee~

::. Anton ::. said...

Nice banner dear and welcome back!
Nice transformation from fluffy bulu to a chic necklace. ^_^


Nick Phillips said...

So that's where you've been. Thought you eloped and ran away or something ... LOL!

Looking forward to checking out your online shop :D

Homely Guy said...

Nice header, i like ...

Can't wait to see your paper craft online shop ... Good to turn your hobby into some $$$, great work!

If i order, got discount bo? Haha :)

Twilight Zone said...

Your blog was long expired and I thought you went back surfing in Perth. So mine was one of your 700 emails which was not replied. Looks like I will get my card on time for September's occasion. LOL

Perky said...

thanks! It's good to be back :D

Lol! Yeah it's amazing how he puts up with a slutty partner like this one, especially with my crazy celebrity crushes! ;)

Cantik kan the banner? I never knew ppl can make something like that from a lousy photo of me! lolz!

To be like Xiaxue, kena jadi lebih controversial. Tak rela lah ;)

Queen B:
Tq darling! Me very happy with the new banner :)

Fable Frog:
Oh tq tq banyak2. Good advice is always taken :)

I'm glad to see the feather boa go. hehehe...

Aimee even gave me a sparkling diamond after reading my post about me losing my diamonds. lolz!

Homely Guy:
Hahaha. Discounts only for those who order more than 1 item ;)

Twilight Zone:
If I went back surfing in Perth, I wouldn't have come back! lolz!

Alamak, I thought I replied your email already. I must've been so "mabuk" with reading emails that I must've forgotten to reply you. Sorry boss!

p/s: I'm currently working on your card, so you'll definitely be getting it way before Sept! :)

MiChi said...

Glad to see you back here~~!! hahaha... your wife will be the happiest person to see the husband back to her....

lyana said...

wooohoooooo perky's back! :P

Samantha said...

yo welcome back! glad to have you back babe (not like i'm always around either LOL). Love your new header and can't wait to check out your new shop. I'm still working on your pig. Almost done but still need to fix a lil few things since I'm not quite as satisfied yet. So stay tuned.