Mar 29, 2009

Diamonds are NOT My Best Friend

Scribbled by Perky |

Turns out that the phrase "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" doesn't apply to me. Which is quite sad actually when I think about it 'cause it either implies that I'm not a girl, or worse, that diamonds don't like me.

I've been having problems with the engagement promise ring that McChef gave to me. Actually, I don't quite like the ring if truth be told. I don't like rings with protruding diamonds. Solitaire diamond rings with "leaves" at the side... is so not my thing. I'm no "delicate flower" or ladylike, and I'm accident prone. So, my promise ring never stood a chance. One of the diamonds came off.

The first time it happened, we took it back to the jeweler for repair. And a few months later, another diamond came off. This time, I can't be bothered. I want a new ring, damnit.

The other ring that McChef gave to me, which is my favorite btw, also shared the same fate. What I love about this ring is that the diamonds are embedded into the ring, so I don't have to worry about knocking my ring into things... right?

Blargh! In the hands of the destroyer, no diamond rings are safe!

p/s: Taking photos of diamond rings are so hard, especially with a camera phone!

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25 Your say:

fable frog said...

pfft! Perky showing off her bligs! ish! But OMG! like what d'ya do to knock off those diamonds? Did you embedded the diamond into someone's face when you punched em'?

oh and i've seen some people who put diamonds into their teeth~ i'll advise you not to do that! LOL later ended as your supper.

foongpc said...

hi, first time commenting here. Coming from nick phillips' blog.

I read from somewhere that females are smarter than males. Reason?

Diamonds are a girl's best friend whereas Dog is man's best friend.

Haha! : )

pikey said...

Hmmm... i think platinum or stainless steel jewelery will be my choice...

Time to look for another smith to fix yr rings.

p/s, adding u into my reading list.

onyxx said...

heheh maybe diamonds aren't really your thing. have you thought about opting for other stones -- e.g., your birthstone, etc. -- or maybe combining diamonds with sapphire or emerald?

JD Cole said...
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JD Cole said...

wear something simple like silver or platinum ring from tiffany & co. :)

a ring that symbolizes love shouldn't be something to show-off~

Perky said...

Fable Frog:
Lolz! Me punch someone's face? With my tiny fists? Hahaha! It'll be like giving them a face massage instead of a punch ;)

Eh if termakan diamond is okay what... then you can tell people that you literally shit diamonds lor! ;)

Lol! Now that is some observation you got there :)

And thanks for dropping by!

Hmm... yalah kan... better get either platinum or stainless steel, but without any diamonds on them kan? Buat sakit hati jer every time my diamond comes off.

I'd love to try other stones, but I think the stones will come off too. I think it's just not my nature to have diamonds/stones/bling. *sigh* A plain ring it is then, huh?

JD Cole:
Silver doesn't go quite well with me as it turns black after some time.

A ring not meant to be shown off? Hahaha! Yeah right. Tell that to the J Lo's of the world ;)

Sherry said...

my mom jewelry all gone as house was broken in. :(

Sherry said...

oh yeah missing diamond like yours also happened to my mom's right but she no longer have it any more the thieves got them.

MiChi said...

We can shake hands Perky! Diamonds and even flowers are not my best friends. I only love real money and good ice cream to make me happy. Your ring looks expensive!

Twilight Zone said...

LOL.... Tell McChef to get you a 9 Diamond ring coz it's good feng shui. Will reap abundance of luck and wealth. The design so canggih! Berapa karat?

Medie007 said...

ouch!!! got diamond? LOL

*Anton* said...

So, you like it rough huh? lolz :P

Have a wunderlicious new week, Miss Perky! ^_^


mlle linie said...

i share the same fate too when it comes to rings...

better - the diamonds were squashed when i accidentally scratched the ring on a wall. konon harder than steel, right?

savante said...

Next time, get a necklace. Pearls and diamonds pls.

Samantha said...

LOL agree, ring with a diamond protruding out of it is not very comfortable to wear actually. Thus for everyday wear, I prefer wearing my wedding band which is a classic plain white gold band. I only wear my engagement ring (a solitaire one) when I go out (and only if I remember)... -.-

Perky said...

Oh poor thing. Sorry to hear about that. Damn thieves!

Hahaha. Yeah, we are kinda alike huh? Ice cream makes me happy too (especially if they're Ben & Jerry's). Oh, and the money part too ;)

I honestly don't know how much McChef bought them for, but I do know that he bought them from Diamond & Platinum.

Twilight Zone:
How many carats? Entahlah. I tukang pakai jer ;)

Bo liaw lor! hahaha!

Is it obvious that I like it rough? ;) HAHAHA!

You have a great week ahead too, hun!

Mlle Linie:
Wow... you somehow managed to squash the diamond. Were you on steroids or what? ;) hahaaha!

Matilah if get pearls. Necklace putus there goes my pearls ;)

I do prefer the plain white gold rings, but after a while, they tend to turn yellow :( That's why the jeweler said to get platinum ring instead coz they never change colors. But the price of a platinum ring.... ya ampuuuuunn!! lol!

Tough Girl 101 said...

LOL OMG I'm the EXACT same way! Plus I'm also not ready for a relationship so my aversion to diamonds stems from that.

mama the diva said...

jawab soalan merk,,
: woman/girl ker you??? oops lariik...

Medie007 said...

beli baru. :P

Ron Jerem Lee said...

thats very annoying. darling i can understand your agony.. tell you what, let me keep em for you. i guarantee you they wont get missing at all. believe me. i dont cheat woman.

A Common Singaporean said...

Oh my god.

Must be pain rite, diamonds drop off.

Nevermind, I am sure Mc Chef will get u another one and another one.


And yes, I also like the 2nd diamond more.

But I am sure if it comes from mc chef, all are nice.

Queen B said...

we love to see diamonds but not that into wearing them ;)

mlle linie said...

nak tempah card with two doves on it. ;) boleh?

Perky said...

Tough Girl 101:
They need to come up with rings that suits tough girls such as yourself :)

Mama the Diva:
Oh puhleeze... i'm more woman than you will ever be ;)

That's always a good idea ;)

Ron Jerem Lee:
Lol! What a generous offer! But I prefer to have my rings on my fingers than let anyone keep them for me... ;)

A Common Singaporean:
Well, the 2nd ring is more practical to wear for me than the 1st one. It's kinda hard to be doing housework when wearing protruding diamonds.

I think he's fed up with buying me rings. lol!

Mlle Linie:
Sure!! :D I'll message you on FB to get more details about your card k.