Feb 18, 2009

The Unconventional Boyfriend

Scribbled by Perky |

I had decided against writing about my 3-year anniversary with McChef on the actual day itself (which was 1st February, btw). I had also refrained myself from writing a Valentine's Day post regarding our relationship.

At the time, I wasn't inspired to write about V-day or our anniversary. What was there to write about our 3-year union? Granted, 3 years without a single breakup is quite an achievement for someone who's fickle minded when it comes to being in a relationship and for someone who gets bored easily (in case you're wondering, I'm the fickle-minded one, and he's the one who gets bored easily).

So I thought and pondered on what else was there to write about my beloved partner. Sure, he's thoughtful enough to give me flowers once in a while. We all know he cooks for me (hence the nickname "McChef", d'oh). He's also a romantic with a twisted sense of humor. Let's not even mention about the time he got me a yabby prawn as a pet (now, who in the right mind does this???).

Anyways, I thought it was high time I said something nice about my man (to make up for the fact that I DIDN'T get him anything for both our anniversary and V-day. I'm a terrible girlfriend, can't you tell? Traveling and attending weddings are expensive affairs, and when one has to do both many times in February, one becomes broke).

I'm not big on material stuff like jewelry or clothes (although a brand new MacBook would be nice *hint hint HINT*), which makes it a little bit tough to buy me gifts. Flowers are nice... for about 5 seconds before I decide that they're better off in the rubbish bin. Chocolates are sweet but shows that the giver lacks imagination. He did get me a spa voucher but that was as my Christmas gift, which I have yet to use. Thankfully, McChef is always thinking out of the box.

So as an anniversary gift, he got me a firework. Now, just how cool is that? I mean, how many of you have ever received a firework from your partner? Well, granted that fireworks are banned in this country. But still, I thought this was a pretty awesome gift. Definitely better than a yabby prawn, if you ask me.

When we first hooked up, he lit up some fireworks for me. He even let me light one up. I really love watching fireworks, so getting to light one up (and it was a pretty big one too), that was exhilarating! And not to mention how shit scared I was.

This baby can shoot 25 flowers into the sky. I didn't get to play it on our actual anniversary day when we were both in Kuching because it was raining every single damn night. So this baby will have to wait 'til my next trip home :)

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16 Your say:

jase said...

ooooo.. let me know when you try to blow up the sky into millions of pieces! I wanna see..

JD Cole said...

be careful!

u might caught the fire ;)

savante said...

Hope you always have beautiful fireworks in the sky to appreciate!

*Anton* said...

Awwwwww.... hope the romance would continue to be as bright as the fireworks sparks.


Legolas said...


Gallivanter said...

Boredom and fickle-minded, recipes for disaster. But add the fireworks and other fun rides, the relationship is packed with memories. :-)

Tough Girl 101 said...

I am officially jealous of your relationship.

Ron Jerem Lee said...

im obviously jeleous over ur relationship too, damn it box of fireworks is enough to please a girlfriend..... he is damn lucky to have an economically wise gf..@*&#(*$

MiChi said...

fickle-minded is good, then only can find interesting stuffs to do all the time. feel bored easily is good too, then only can think of interesting things to do. both of you are good match la~~!! so sweet~~!

btw, i didn't get anything for my the other half on v-day too..feel so bad le

sheng said...

I just want that fireworls, hehhe, where can I buy that here in Pinas?

Medie007 said...

whoa.... illegal stuff!

A Common Singaporean said...

I tot u got him a PS3? or was it for some other occasion. Geez, I don't know wutt to write man, I am having goose pimples after reading yr post hahaha.

Wish you both all the best! Both of you seems like a purrfect couple!

Perky said...

I'll try to put up the pics when I do blow this fireworks up :)

JD Cole:
Hehehe... oh yeah, safety first!

It's a pity that fireworks is banned here. CNY is never the same without ppl playing fireworks & firecrackers...

So far so good! :)

Ron Jerem Lee:
True... but take into consideration that fireworks isn't exactly cheap & easy to find either. Hmm... should I try to be more demanding then? hehehe :)

yeah, i think we're a pretty good match. We compliment each other's quirky traits :)

Hmmm... can't help you out on that one. If fireworks isn't banned in your country, then it should be relatively easy to find one.

Ssshhh... don't tell the powlice! ;) lol!

A Common Singaporean:
I wanted to get him the PS3, but he doesn't seem to be interested in it anymore. He says that the games are expensive, so it's pointless to get one. This worked out fine for me coz I'm dead broke this month! lol!

Nick Phillips said...

A nice new Ferrari would have been awesome but how can you beat fireworks la ... LOL!

Perky said...

Lol! Yeah, if he ever got me a ferrari he would never ever need to get me anything else for the rest of his life! hahaha!

Twilight Zone said...

Finally rahsia released out and I am so happy for you that you have someone so caring and makes you delighted. Shooting fireworks is so new idea that I might try!