Feb 21, 2009

Denial of the Big But-t

Scribbled by Perky |

One of my favorite stores is WH (which is kinda like the Gap of Asia). I actually didn't know that this is a concept store created by Malaysia's Pat Liew (who is the same person who created BritishIndia - the Malaysian equivalent of Banana Republic).

I love the clothes from WH. I think a third of my closet is filled with this label. I usually wear WH to sleep. For instance, below is the picture of my favorite shorts that I wear to sleep:

It's not the prettiest looking pair of shorts, but I love this shorts as they're very comfy.

So, imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning and found out that the shorts I wore to sleep last night has been torn!

Here's a picture of the right side:

The hole is so big, I can actually put my hand through it!

Here's a picture of the left side. I can put a finger through the hole:

And who's the culprit, you ask? Well, the culprit happens to be my BUTT! It has grown! Well, not overnight, I'm pretty sure of that. Hahaha. I know I should've done something about my "holiday weight" the moment I came back from my year-end vacation. But there were so many weddings to attend, and they were serving all this delicious food that it was hard NOT to eat. And we all know how much I love to eat!

I believe somebody's trying to tell me something, either I should stop wearing skimpy tight-fitting clothes OR I need to start working out (already I can hear Mama Diva lecturing me on how I need to cut down my food intake and start hitting the gym. Urgh!). Working out would be a cheaper alternative than having to buy new clothes to fit my "fuller" figure.

p/s: Notice that the hole on the right side is bigger than the one on the left? Should I be worried that could be a sign that my right butt cheek is bigger than the left side? Hmm.... ;)

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17 Your say:

Sam said...

Perhaps it's time to bring out the ol' StepMaster? :D

fable frog said...

are you sure the torn fabric is not from rough bed activities?? hmmm?

Nick Phillips said...

Yup, signs you either need bigger shorts or a smaller butt! LOL!

*Anton* said...

Oh dear.... can't imagine you created so much friction in bed! LOLZ Am sure you couldn't have achieved that all alone *wink wink*


TZ said...

Errrr.... what u dreamt off during your sleep?

savante said...

Can't be only an expanding derriere. Wah, what kinda naughty activities did you participate in!

JD Cole said...

nothing to worry hun~

just buy a new short laaa ;P

Cromely said...

You can probably get a couple more months out of them. They still look, well, functional.

Some might say, "But what will someone else think?"

If you're by yourself, who cares?

If you are are entertaining a guest, and the first thing he thinks is, "What's up with the hole in the short?" than there are much bigger problems than the hole.

Ron Jerem Lee said...

darling, not only the ass has grown big.... looks like you suddenly had a tiny penis grown also....

lyana said...

I agree with Fable Frog here... :P

But working out is good! I've missed gym for almost two weeks and I feel so sluggish and FAT! So have to get back in the habit! :)

Perky said...

Hehehe... perhaps I should take the stairs instead of the lift from now on huh...

Fable Frog:
Hahaha! Oh how i wish that was the case... but unfortunately it's not :(

Nick Phillips:
LMAO! I just can't win, now can I? ;)

I did this on my own, sad to say. How I wish I could say there was another culprit, but those holes were achieved solely by me. lol!

Hmm... good question. I don't remember. Maybe I was dreaming of being the Incredible Hulk or something... lol!

A naughty activity that only included the ever-growing number of cellulite on my butt! (that's kinda disturbing, isn't it?) hahaha!

JD Cole:
You are absolutely right. This gives me more reason to shop! :)

Lol! I think if I were to entertain any guest while wearing this shorts, something is seriously wrong with me. hehehe! ;)

Ron Jerem Lee:
Oh God, RJ, I'm turning into a man!! *shrieks in horror*

Hahaha! Well, at least you're still hitting the gym. I've completely embraced the unhealthy lifestyle. It's so tough to get back into that whole working out regime. *sigh*

budleee said...

my mind is in the gutter..

do i need to say more :p

MiChi said...

That was funny indeed! I think you are not the only one who suffered this fate. Let's blame the manufacturers! LOL

Twilight Zone said...

Muahahahaha! I laughed at the photos so much that I had to come back again to comment. It was ticklish coz my boxers was torn before my bradder said "hello" to my visitors without my knowledge. LOL

Perky said...

Hehehe... yeah, it's all the manufacturer's fault! ;)

Twilight Zone:
Oh God, Twilight, you let your bradder hang??? Lol!

A Common Singaporean said...

That's why its call the GAP of Asia, as opposed to the GAP from San Fransisco..

mlle linie said...

i think u r not the only one perky ;) which reminds me to buy new shorts!

ps: at least, mine had no direct window to say hello like michi. hehe