Feb 24, 2009

Being an Associated Content Producer

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Thanks to Kat (who btw writes great articles on how to be better bloggers/writers), I now have another outlet for my writings. You see, there were certain things that I wanted to write about, but they didn't quite fit in with the theme of my blog (that's not to say it's sad or gloomy. Perhaps I should've used the words "more mature" instead of heavy).

Therefore, as of the end of January, I became an Associated Content (AC) Producer.

And what exactly is Associated Content, you ask?
AC is a place where anyone can submit a content in any topic in any format (text, video, audio and images). For instance, if you love all things fashion, then you can submit in articles on fashion tips (e.g: how to hide your love handles, fashion do's and don'ts, etc). Or say, if you've just finished listening to Kelly Clarkson's latest album, you could write a review on what you think about her album.

The topic is completely up to you. And if you happen to run out of ideas, they give you ideas on what to write about(under the "Calls for Content" section).

What's great about AC is their ability to connect contents to consumers, partners and advertisers. Let's say, I have an article about tips on how to select a guitar teacher. Any time someone looks up "how to choose guitar teacher" for instance, my article and other related articles pops up in their search engine. What this means is that I have a high chance of getting more exposure for my article.

Show Me the Money!
The money part, too, provides extra incentive to come up with better articles. Not living in the U.S. does have its disadvantages as that meant I won't be eligible for Upfront Payment (where they PAY you an average of USD $3 per article you submit).

The good news is that I'm still eligible for Performance Payment (or "royalties", as I like to call them). My first article was published on 3rd Feb '09 and as to date I have written another 3 articles. About 115 people have viewed the combination of all my articles since then and I currently make USD $0.18.

Which by the way is paying me FASTER than my AdSense and Nuffnang ads. Just do the math: Barely a month on AC, with only 4 articles written and already making 18cents. How long have you been putting your ads up before you even see a single cent?

And unlike paid blogging, AC doesn't limit the number of articles you can submit in a day. There's also no time limit on when you need to submit your post, and there's no need to wait 30 days to get paid.

This figure will continue to climb each month for as long as my article stays in AC. That's why I prefer to call it as royalties. You can just let your article sit there and watch as it continues to make you money.

My plan as an AC Producer is to publish a content each week (afterall I still have a blog to maintain). So far I've written about:

I have also created a widget located on my sidebar especially for my AC contents.

You can view my Associated Content Producer page here. Alternatively, you can also choose to subscribe to my rss feed and get the latest articles I publish when I publish them.

If you enjoy writing, perhaps you should look at Associated Content as another outlet for your creativity.

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9 Your say:

Sam said...

I'm on AC but I haven't actually written anything yet, still kind of gathering my thoughts for it. :)

Honestly! I really don't know what to write. :P

Box of Books Gal said...

Very cool. Really like your articles. Associated Content is a great place to publish things that don't quite fit in on a blog.

Silly Little Prince said...

can i pretend to be paulo coelho and get paid for it???
you know very spiritual writings~


Tough Girl 101 said...

Some people have 10,000,000 articles on there! Jeez, I wondr how much they get paid just on royalties alone!

MiChi said...

Something new.... people is so creative when come to making money

Perky said...

You're on AC? I'll go look you there! :)

Well, you're a creative guy Sam, so I'm sure you'll be able to think of something to write :)

Box of Books Gal:
Yes I agree. And also, I find it quite liberating to be able to write freely without having to worry what my readers think of it :)

Silly Little Prince:
Oh yes, I'm aware of who Coelho is. He wrote that book The Alchemist :)

It's better to get paid to portray the real you, than portraying somebody else, don't cha think? At least you won't have to worry abt getting sued ;)

Tough Girl 101:
OH MY!!! That's just amazing (and not to mention crazy!). But yeah, he's probably sitting on lots of change ;)

Hehehe... yeah, which is why those who are making money are usually creative ppl ;)

sheng said...

I really wanted to have my blog monetized too but i don't know where to start.

Good job, maybe being in AC can help?

A Common Singaporean said...

I am such a "suaku" (mountain tortoise) blogger. I never have any ads attached.. hmmm

Perky said...

AC is a good place to start. The thing with paid blogging is that you only get payment ONCE, which is after you've submitted your entry.

However, on AC, you will continue to receive royalties for as long as you keep your articles there :)

A Common Singaporean:
In a way, not having ads attached can be good. Well, it depends on how you view your blog. If your blog is something that is purely for your leisure time (i.e. you don't wanna spend too much time on it), then not having ads is good.

However, if you're looking at having your blog as another way to earn $, then it depends on what kind of blogger you are. If you don't want to be doing paid blogging, then you can just put up ads like Google's AdSense.

However, it'll be long b4 you can even cash out on the money you earn (unless if your blog is like Perez Hilton's blog where thousands of ppl visit it daily).