Feb 27, 2009

Boys and Their Toys

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Back in my hell-raising days almost 10 years ago, I had dated or "fling-ed" with a number of guys. True to my nature of living life in the 5th gear, the guys I had dated seemed to have shared something in common (apart from me, that is. Lol!): A hot ride.

I love cars just as much as I love to drive. The faster the car goes, the better (getting speeding tickets is almost expected of me). I don't know how to drive slow (read: going slower than 60km/h), especially when I'm on the highway and the road ahead is clear. Perhaps the only time when I do drive "slow" is when I'm lost, or when I'm looking for parking, or when my mom's in the car (coz she freaks out if I go above 50km/h)).

The terms "cruising" or "Sunday driving" does not exist in my dictionary (although to some people everyday IS a "Sunday drive" and they seem to take their "passion" for driving slow onto the fast lane on the highway. Idiots.).

Anyway, I thought I'd share with you the kind of cars that my boys had. Damn, blogging about this makes me miss them. The cars I mean. Not the boys.

BMW 7-series
Now this was one heck of a car. It belonged to the doctor I went out with once (who turned out to be Dr McStalker, btw). When you're in college and you went out with a doctor who picked you up in a BMW, you pretty much became the coolest girl in class. Think along the lines of dreaming of becoming a socialite and you can get the picture of what went through my head while I was sitting in his car. Unfortunately, I was more in love with the car than I was with the doctor.

Ferrari Modena
Photo credit: www.freewebs.comThe cream of the crop, that's what this car was is. It belonged to *Dave, who at 5ft 11" was too tall for my petite stature. He also had a mean streak of sense of humor. You see, because the seats in his car was very deep, you could barely see me when I'm sitting inside his car. So for my birthday he specifically got me a cushion for his car (the joke was that it was pointless for him to be showing off his car when no one can see his girlfriend inside the car). My lack of leg length and body height was also the reason why I never got to (and never will) drive a Ferrari.
(Photo credit: www.freewebs.com)

Toyota Supra
Photo credit: www.fastcoolcars.comThis was the "it" car back in the late 90's/early 2000. And when *Crazy Mofo let me drive it, I was like a kid in a candy store. At first I was driving around 80km/h because I was afraid that I might get us into an accident. It wasn't my car. Also I didn't have the money to pay for the repairs should there be any mishaps when I'm behind the wheels . But he encouraged me to step on it and before I knew it, I was driving at 200km/h. That was the fastest I've ever driven a car. The experience evoked the feelings of thrill as well as "fuck, I almost pissed in my pants!" at the same time.
(Photo credit: www.fastcoolcars.com)

Photo credit: http://www.aagcars.com/
I actually have mixed feelings about the X5. I love the rugged look on this SUV, how smooth it felt when driving on the highway, and not to mention how safe I felt while driving despite the size and height of this car. You really don't feel like you're "flying" even though you're driving at speeds of over 140km/h. But what I didn't like was the iDrive system on the dashboard, which was so confusing for me. So when I wasn't too busy fidgeting with the knobs/buttons on the dashboard, I actually enjoyed driving the X5.
(Photo Credit: http://www.aagcars.com)

Daihatsu Rocky
Photo credit: http://www.autoevolution.comThis one is nowhere near as fast or as cool as the cars above. It literally was a crap car but I liked it. The exterior was tough, and it gave the aura that it was indestructible. However, it was very difficult to handle and I had to step on the clutch real hard in order to shift gears. But still, the car gave a sense of adventure, and that was always exciting to me.
(Photo credit: http://www.autoevolution.com)

What kind of car do you like most? Or which car gave you fond memories?

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18 Your say:

Twilight Zone said...

Oh what a lucky gal you have been! Envy! Envy! I so jeles never ever sat inside those dreamy cars except that 7 series which I drove from Penang to KL in less than 3 hours! No kidding.

Sam said...

All I want, is just a Lexus RX300 or a Toyota Harrier. Essentially the same thing, SUVs are all I want. :)

Legolas said...

I'm not very particular with what car I have. I just need something to get me from A to B. My toys are more to gadgets. :-)

Gallivanter said...

Lucky you! :-P

Silly Little Prince said...

i don't bother with a fancy car. but i would like the potential bf to own one. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
i ain't driving around town yo.

Medie007 said...

whoa.... ur flings were all so rich...

*Anton* said...

My late-Dad was a lover of European cars, and his interest rubbed off his sons as well. Loved my ol' alfa most. Used to take long drives simply bcoz I loved driving that speed machine. Really miss it, macam ex-isteri aje.

sheng said...

Hmmm, this is a nice post, i never dated anyone who shared to me a HOT ride.

Ron Jerem Lee said...

in highschool, the coolest shit is ur classmate the first owns a driving license and drive to school in his parent's car. ... yes... the feeling is more intense worst than penis envy..

Perky said...

Twilight Zone:
Hey at least you got to drive the 7-series. I only sat in it once coz the doctor freaked me out after that date! lol!

Good choice in SUVs there, Sam! :)

Hehehe... yeah, i figured you were more into gadgets after reading your post on the iPhone ;)

Silly Little Prince:
Yeah, nothing beats being driven around in a fancy car, huh? ;)

Well, if there's one thing I learned from all those relationships is that money can't buy love. It's corny, but so true ;)

Yeah, I love long drives too. Which is probably why I love going outstation so much. Driving in KL is so not fun.

Ron Jerem Lee:
Lol! You really have nothing going on for you huh... kena tengok classmate get driving license 1st, then watch them drive to school... oh n u also have penis envy... kesian RJ. lol! ;)

Nick Phillips said...

Me and a friend were looking at cars last week and came across this COOOOOOOOOOLLLLL Ferrari that cost RM1.4 million and I was salivating all over the car that I think the moment they get the DNA check, they'll be coming after me cos there was this big sign that said, DON'T Touch The Car! I don't think they would have been too happy with saliva all over the sleek beauty ... LOL!

budleee said...

For me

it has to be my family old Mercedes 190e. We brought it all the way from the United States when my dad was studying there.

This was the car that took us 1/4 of the US. We had yearly road trips in the US back then.

This was the car that my family used for nearly 6 years before we bought our second car, a Naza Ria. The reason, we could not fit in the car anymore. My brother was lapriding me, and my youngest sister was lap riding my mother. We had to get a bigger car.

This car was the first automatic car my family owned, the first car I drove after getting my license. It was in this car when I met my first true love and it was in this car I let go of the relationship.

Lots of things happened in that car, which I cannot reveal publically ;)

but its a car with lots of nostalgic values in it

Perky said...

Nick Phillips:
Maybe if they got too grossed out with your saliva on the Ferrari, they'll decide to give it to you?? I mean, after all that saliva, I don't think they can sell it off anymore right. So might as well just give it to you ;) LOl!

That's a very nostalgic story indeed :) But hey, at least good memories were made in that Naza Ria right? ;)

budleee said...

actually i was talking about the mercedes... naza ria.. well that is a whole other sappy story ;)

A Common Singaporean said...

My yellow 3 series. I owned it for 7 years, until it gave up on me bursting into flames. Yes, I was one hell of a demon driver. Not a day passed without my wife then girlfriend snapping at me for flying a rocket. I still dream of the beemer now til today. Boys and their toys..

Perky said...

A Common Singaporean:
Ken, it burst into flames???? OMG!! What was it running on? NOS? lol!

A Common Singaporean said...

It was just very dramatic. It flamed up near a school, my first instinct was to get the police to blockage the area, next to call up the civil defence. By the time the fire engine arrived, the yellow beemer was already 50% blown up. A subtle rain started pouring, I was standing alone watching it flamed up after failed rescue efforts using 4 extinguishers borrowed from a nearby condo. The Civil Defence guys came finally, they tried, but offer their condolences. It was just very very dramatic. I still have the photo with the car toasted.

Perky said...

Ken, you need to blog about your burnt up beemer! That's just abt the craziest thing I've heard! Lol!