Feb 28, 2009

Misplaced Faith

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I really do admire my guitar teacher, *Rockstar Dude. I think he's awesome and he's got some serious killer guitar moves. He's very encouraging, he's very patient with me, he tries to build my confidence on the electric guitar (which btw, is a totally different ball game than the acoustic guitar) and he's funny. Plus, he is kinda cute.

So yeah, he's effing great.

But I think he's got some seriously misplaced faith in me. I think he was moving too fast with my lessons, especially today's lessons. I believe I fumbled my way through his class. I was overwhelmed with what he was trying to accomplish with me today. I did tell him about my difficulties in coping, but he just shrugged it off and said, "Nah, you're doing great."

Erm... right.

My homework this week is the toughest lessons to date. Instead of covering only one chapter, he went all nuts on me and gave me another chapter to learn. AND he gave me a classic rock song to master.

So, I tried to "reason" with him once again, "Maybe this is all too much for me to learn right now. I don't think I can do all this and get it right in one week's time".

He replied, "No, I believe you can do this. You're doing so well. You just need to believe in yourself a lil bit more."

I told you, he's very encouraging. (Hmm... come to think of it, my dad told me the exact same thing my guitar teacher said. But he's my dad and he's biased, plus it's his job to believe in me).

Either *Rockstar Dude is high on dope or I'm just not listening to the same tune as he is. Oh, what the hell am I doing blogging right now? I only have 7 days before my next lesson. I should be practicing! Lol!

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6 Your say:

Sam said...

Play Guitar Hero and you'll be rocking out in no time. :P

(at least I will have a new bandmate to rock with :P)

sheng said...

I really don't have time to learn strumming the guitar, but i love the music that generates from it.

*Anton* said...

Make sure your concentrate on his fingers plucking the guitar strings har. The learning process can be distracted by lust ! :P lolz


aiyo, word ver : undess

Saed said...

I have been playing guitar since june 20th 2008 or something like that which is when I bought my first guitar.

Guitar lessons online are kinda good, and so is self-teaching :P

There are some cool online guitar teachers :P

Perky said...

Oh I love Guitar Hero! That was one of my fav on Wii. I've always wanted to try the drums though. I see them play at the game shop in Cineleisure. Looks damn shiok lah.

Lol! Oh, I'm a good student. No hanky panky during lessons ;)
(Matilah aku kalau my bf baca this comment! larriiiik!)

I've been playing the guitar since 12 but it wasn't until a few years ago that I picked up the electric guitar... which is a totally different ball game than the acoustic. There's a lot more technique that goes into playing the electric... which is why I opted to go for proper lessons.

Online guitar lessons are ok but I still needed feedback/guidance of a teacher who can tell me on the spot if I'm playing it right.

Rob said...

If you need some easy songs to learn on the sly, you should check out my Free Guitar Chords page--it's got tons of songs that would probably be more your level.