Jan 26, 2009

Utilizing the Space that You Have

Scribbled by Perky |

Over the years, we tend to accumulate junk. Most times these so-called junk would end up in the storeroom or the garage. Many may not realize this but your garage can also be treated as an extension of your house. If you plan properly (or to save you from all that trouble, you could just call in the experts), you can actually maximize the space that you have by turning it into a garage storage. Not only will you have the extra space to keep your things, but it will also make your place tidier and more organized.

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4 Your say:

JD Cole said...

i think i hv too many clothes~ XD

Ron Jerem Lee said...

what the market really need is to have a garage to store useless girlfriends so that these creatures dont go out and harm the civilants

Perky said...

JD Cole:
I'm not surprised if you did hehehe ;)

Ron Jerem Lee:
Then how about the useless boyfriends? Don't we get to store them away too? ;P

Twilight Zone said...

I need such cubicles to store my junks. I have lots of them and it is growing each trip I cart them back from my dad's home. So scary.