Dec 3, 2008

Bitten by the Lovebug

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Fuckidy fuckidy fuck. Just when I thought I've gotten my polygamous hormones subdued reigned in, there I go again with that all too familiar girly giggling and blushing and "Omg! Omg! Omg!".

Damn it. I am an adulterous little 'ho.

And god bless McChef's loving heart for still wanting to be with me. Oh, the stress I must be putting him through. Poor guy. The last time this happened, I told myself that would be the last of my affairs (well it should've been especially since McChef threated to poke my eyes and make me blind!). But a leopard doesn't change her skin.

It was the intensity in his eyes that shot through my heart. He had that mysterious air about him. He kept me mesmerized. Everything about him invited me in - his voice, his face, even his smell.

Oh Robert Pattinson, I HEART you!!!

Robert plays the uber-sexy vampire, Edward Cullen, in the movie Twilight. Before this movie, I knew nothing about Robert apart from he was the guy who played Cedric in the Harry Potter movie.

I wasn't too crazy about him then.

Then I went to watch Twilight. I have no knowledge what the movie's about. I've never read the book (didn't even know it existed).

All I knew about the movie was what my colleague told me,"It's about a vampire being in love with this human girl and he's constantly struggling between how he feels for her and how much he wants to eat her".

Yeah, that's something I can relate to as I too tend to have that kind of relationship with my food.

So, on Saturday I went to watch Twilight (I've watched it 4 times since that Saturday - yes, I've been going every single day!). I went to the cinemas with an open mind, uncorrupted by the hysteria surrounding the movie, untainted by the movie reviews. I didn't bother Googling about the movie whatsoever.

And the scene where Robert first came in, ooh la la... I was smitten! And as the movie continued on, I fell in love with him. I was also captivated by the chemistry between Edward and Bella (his love/food). The intensity of his eyes, his gesture.... OMG!

For those who hasn't watched the movie Twilight, go and do yourselves a favor and watch it. Hey, I went to watch it again the next day. I even bought the first two books! (and mind you, I don't read books).

Oh Robert, BITE ME!!! BITE ME!!!

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15 Your say:

samantha a.h @ wen said...

yea he's really cute but the girl she's oh so not cute! all the way throughout the movie, i somewhat felt that her expressions doesn't match the emotions she's trying to portray...I only watch the movie for the sake of cute males as the lines were all too cheesy and sappy LOL...kinda like Dr.Cullen..he always has this calm n cool air about him...very man, me likey!

Kat from Tough Girl 101 said...

Is it worth watching twilight??

Nick Phillips said...

LOL! Sounds like a good movie that you even bought the books. Oh wait a minute, you bought the books cos you're smitten ... :D

Goddess said...

Hmmm.....I keep hearing this everywhere....I might need to check it out after all...

sheng said...

Oh Hi there fellow Twilighter! I am gklad you watched it, and four times at that, whoa there! I will be watching it again next week, promise...Read the books! They're way too cool!

Perky said...

Ooh Dr Cullen... yeah he's super hawt too! :)~

Well, I still think that the chemistry between Edward & Bella was more than great. But of coz I was staring more at Edward than I was at her ;)

I'm not into romantic movies or chic flicks as I prefer action movies. But somehow or rather, this movie has put a curse on me.

N yes, it's worth watching Twilight :D

Nick Phillips:
Hehehe... that was part of the reason I bought the book. But really, I was more curious to see how true they were to the book. It's pretty accurate. Of coz they had to change some scenes but the essence is there.

Yes, do go check it out! :D

Hehehe.. yeah I'm reading the book now. And I gotta say, it's really hard to tear myself away from it! Lol!

Catty said...

"Oh Robert, BITE ME!!! BITE ME!!!"

LMAO! Yes, you are really obsessed. But I don't blame you. He IS very very intensely good looking XD~~~

Nicole said...

*chuckle* Cute--I'm going to have to go to the movies to see what all this fuss is about! (just have to find a babysitter--damn)

budleee said...

OH GAWDD!!!!!!

I had a sense it would be about that guy from that twilight movie thing blog infatuation thing...

my sister went gaga over him, even the females in my lab are going gaga (my sole guy lab mate were forced to go with them to the cinema, during office hours to watch the movie)..

what is with girls and vampires, you all just dying to get a hicky/lovebite from them ah...

Twilight Zone said...

You mentioned my name and watched 4 times! I must go and watch it now. I will reshuffle my face after that to resemble him, ok.

Perky said...

Yeah, I feel that him being "very very intensely good looking" is an understatement ;)

Hehehe... don't say I didn't warn you. Be ready to go goo goo gaga over this guy ;)

Hehehe... can u blame us girls?

I don't know... there's just something different about this guy. And him being a musician, well that's like the icing on the cake for me (i'm a sucker for musicians hehehe). Hey, I even bumped off Chris Evans from my #1 spot for this guy ok :P

Twilight Zone:
You do that and I'll marry you in a blink of an eye ;)

Ron Jerem Lee said...

i dont understand you women why only get attracted to handsome, rich, superpowered, sportcar drivng tall and rich man? what about the remaining ugly, fat, bald, poor, lame jack assess ? anyone extending your estrogen to this community?

MiChi said...

No one orders ugly flowers from the florist. So handsome men & pretty ladies are fated to have many admirers too.

clarence said...

so you reall wanna be bitten by him?

Perky said...

Ron Jerem Lee:
Eh I don't do "charity" ok ;) Hehehe...

Would you fantasize about women who didn't have big boobs, long legs and a tight ass? No right. So it's the same for us women to fantasize about those hot men :D

Lol! I love that phrase you used "No one orders ugly flowers from the florist". Well said!

Hell to the yeah! :)