Aug 26, 2007

I'm Such A Dirty Lil 'Ho

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Just when I thought I was ready for the settled life, my wandering heart has gone and done it once again. And to make matters worst, he's already taken! Dirty lil whore. Yes, that's what I am. I'm a dirty lil whore. W-H-O-R-E. Whore.

It hasn't really affected my relationship with McChef. But the cracks are already beginning to show. I tried to tell McChef that it was just a phase. Maybe it's cold feet. Maybe it's just me trying to savour what's left of my once singleton life. He's trying to be cool with it... be supportive.. yada yada. But last night when I told him I couldn't shake my feelings for the new guy, McChef treatened to leave.

But... but.. I just can't help myself. I think about the new guy almost all the time. I've seen him like 5 times... this week alone! He makes my heart flutter in ways it shouldn't. I mean, I'm practically a married woman. I shouldn't be blushing like a virgin teenager who's experiencing her first love anymore.

I have to restrain myself. You know what makes me an even dirtier lil whore? The new guy is only 19! (well, he's turning 20 this year... but like as if that makes it ok *sigh*). But he's just so hot!!! And when he smiles, oh my god, it can even melt dried cement.
Since the cat is out of the bag, here's my new scandal:

ZAC EFRON!!!!!!!!

Can you blame me for falling for a guy this hot?!? I mean, check out the hip muscles, baby!!

Oh that's his girlfriend, btw - Ms. Vanessa Hudgens, herself. (oh life can be so cruel!!!)

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5 Your say:

savante said...

Superhawt I gotta admit. Why weren't schoolboys that hot when we were back in school?

lyana said...

darling! it's okay to have crushes! ;)

and hey, am loving this hottie on Australian Idol! such the rocker babe. name of mark de costa.


Perky said...

Oh gosh.. if there ever were hawt boys back when i was in high school, i swear I'd just flunk my exams over & over just so I stay in school ;)

Mark de costa? Hmm... gotta google that guy up :)

::airswift:: said...

i just want to have my body like these boys. so weird. they are so young and they gym a lot.

Perky said...

I don't blame u for wanting a body like that. They're so drool-worthy :)~~~~~~~~ oh so fabulous! Haha!