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I was pleasantly surprised to find out that a couple of my close friends were getting hitched. My dearest of dearest girlfriend was gonna get her marriage license next month. I told her, "About friggin' time too" and of course, there was 1 or 2 happy tears that flowed down my face. She had gone through a lot to be with this man, including being disowned by her own parents.

There's nothing wrong with him. To me, he's the perfect man for my girl (and mind you, I do tend to be very protective when it comes to family and sistahs). He doesn't smoke, he doesn't drink, he doesn't cheat on her, he treats her with the utmost respect and most importantly, he puts her needs before his. But sadly enough (to her parents, that is), he doesn't come from a priviledged family, or a political family, or a famous family. He's just a regular Joe, earning regular money. But he is a good man.

My other close friend, on the other hand, did surprise me a little bit by being the first one among the 'playas' to settle down. No one thought he would get married. As a matter of fact, most of us thought he was going to date until he's 50 or something of that sort. It's a good change for him. He's more family-oriented these days and less of a party person (a much required thing if you want to have a stable family life).

So one by one, my friends are settling down. It's like as if we created the 26-year-old's priviledged HM Club (Happily Married). Not anyone can be in this club. There's a lot to give up in order to be a member of the HM Club:

  • No more alone time, except maybe when you need to take a dump. Even showers must be taken together.

  • When you have a fight, you have to resolve it then and there. That is unless if you'd rather be sleeping outside... in the cold... on the hard surface... and risk being eaten by mosquitoes or ants (depending who can chew faster).

  • Being selfish is no longer a priviledge. You must learn to share the remote control. He must learn to help with the dishes. You must learn to share the chocolate cake. He needs to learn to put the seat up.

  • When you say, "Honey, I'm going to go out shopping", that now means you have to buy things for him as well. It doesn't have to be anything extravagant like a Rolex watch. Just something simple like a pair of socks would do. But if you come home after a $2,000 shopping spree that the only things you bought are handbags and shoes, you're just asking for a good scolding.

  • You can no longer take the easy way out when dealing with crisis - breaking up. McChef and I used to do this with our former flames. With the old flings, it was so much easier to dump them whenever they get all dramatic and giving us headaches. But now with each other, we actually have to be all adult-y and grown up-y whenever we get into heated debates (and all I wanted to do was watch the tv!).
Oh btw, I'm going to be a member of the HM Club soon :)

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9 Your say:

lyana said...

yay! ;)

suddenly i remember the time McChef got you Yaby...;)

savante said...

Ooh another shot of the ring! So when is the date?

Bibik Nyonya said...

Can't be any happier for you girl! Mak dah chop bridesmaid! And i'm going to pick my own dress thankyouverymuch.

Legolas said...

Wow! I love your friend who got disowned! She's so brave! She's my hero!

And good for you too! Getting married and all, it's a good thing.

lyana said...

bibik: ooohh! get a kebaya nyonya lah. ;)

Anonymous said...


When's the date when's the date? Finally got a reason to fly to sarawak n c if u guys really do live on trees ;)

Have u pick your wedding dress?

How bout bridesmaids? Maid of honor?

The wedding theme? the wedding song? ..... ok ok no more questions... wouldn't wana stress u out! hahaha! ;)


Perky said...

You won't believe it but the last yabby is STILL ALIVE!!! and i thought those things don't last very long...

*secretly plotting to send the yabby to Yabby Heaven*

No idea yet... if it were up to him, we'd be married by now WITH kids! I'm hoping to do the I-Do's next year =)

Bibik Nyonya:
OH no you don't! I'm gonna be the 1 picking the bridesmaid dresses. I am not having you showing up at my wedding wearing rainbow colors darling! :P

Well once you've found the right one, you just do whatever it takes to be with that person... my friend getting disowned.. .me trading my much valued single life... but it's all worth it! =)

Oh pls dont encourage him!! haha!

Oh SHADAP!!! hahaha! I think it hasn't sunk in yet that i'm gonna be someone's wife! lol!

::airswift:: said...

i wan to wear nicole kidman dress. can?

Perky said...

Eh cannot lah darling... nanti u lebih cantik dari i ;)