Jun 16, 2007

You Know You're Desperate IF....

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Now, I'm not gonna name names, but there are some people out there who are just plain desperate. And I thought me trying to squeeze my thunder thighs into my size 24 jeans was desperate enough!!

Desperado #1: You Still Wanna Hang Out with the Friend That Ditched You!
So you called your supposedly "dear" friend out for a drink or two. What was suppose to be a night of just two friends hanging out ended with you being ditched at the pub. Now, how did that happen? And why on earth are you still at the pub waiting for your friend to come out of the loo after an hour?!?

Ok, let's spice things up a little bit. You have a thing for your "dear" friend and you want to portray yourself as that friendly out-going party girl (which, btw, took you lots of lying months to build that wild girl rep). So you buy rounds and rounds of drinks (which surprisingly was drank mostly by you) in the hopes that you can 'play' drunk and get all touchy-feely with this friend. And after drinking tonnes and tonnes of liquor (which could equal to the amount of water we get when it rains over here), and somewhere between your trips to the ladies, your friend has gone AWOL on you.

I think the part where he keeps leaving you alone while he checks out the pub hardly talks to you should've been a hint that he didn't wanna hang out with you in the first place *Doh!!!*

Desperado #2: The Friend That Ditched You Brought Along Their Friends to 'Help Out' with the Drinks
I thought that would be the end of it. But wait, there's more. Some people are either clueless that their friends don't really like hanging out with her them or she's they're just so desperate for human contact. But we're good people, so we don't assume things ok *innocent angelic face*.

So you think that after being ditched on the first night would teach this person a lesson or two about self-respect. Anyways, she called up her "dear" friend the very next day and asked if they can hang out (again). So they meet up at a pub and like the previous night the "dear" friend came alone.

Or so it seems. Suddenly "dear" friend is the most popular guy in the pub. Well, I'd like to assume so, because suddenly his friends kept "popping up" out of nowhere... what a coincidence, you'd say.

Anyways, this "dear" friend then told this girl, "Hey, why don't you buy him a drink too? Since we're all buddies buddies right?" She didn't wanna say no to her "dear" friend, so she obliged. Then another friend "bumped" into them, and then another... and then another...

The next thing you know, she's buying drinks for everyone... Yeah, she does sound like the kind of friend I'd like to keep around just so I can have free drinks.

Desperado #3: The Said Friend Ditched You... AGAIN!
Yeap, she got ditched again. That's 2 nights in a row. Only this time she won't have to spend the rest of the night alone. She's got loads of new people to be friends with.

Desperado #4: You Keep Sending Messages That No One Replies!
Some people enjoy having conversations with themselves (which btw, should not be mistaken with blogging because you guys are reading my blog right? Unless if no one's reading, then yes, I, too, enjoy the occassional self-conversation). You know you're desperate if you keep texting someone and they don't reply your messages.
Notice when you call them up that the only words coming out of their mouth are : "ah.. ok... ah.. ok... ok ok ok.. gotta go. bye."

Desperado #5: You Put Yourself In Harm's Way Just To Get A Reaction
Ever thought of "If I drove this car into that tree and landed in the ICU, would he come and visit me?" Wait, you've already done it, haven't you? Okay, maybe you're not that desperate enough to go to such extremes, but there are people who cut their wrists or pop 'happy' pills or get insanely drunk in the hopes that the desired person would be their Prince Charming and 'rescue' them from the clasp of doom (wow, I'm really going overboard with this drama huh? haha).

Of course, there are people who really do suffer from depression and can't help it if they have the urge to hurt themselves. But it's a whole different story when you barely scatch the skin with that tiny blade cut yourself and announce "Oh, I was so badly broken hearted that I cut myself. See, see, see my wrists" and I actually have to to use a magnifying glass to find the said wound. There is a fine line between a cry for help (DEPRESSED) and a cry for attention (DESPERATE).

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5 Your say:

lyana said...

hey, don't worry you're not talking alone here...hehehe. ;)

Anonymous said...

OMG!! Is this who I think it is? OUr dear mutual friend???? Sounds like her.. hahaha. She got ditched meh? OMG how embarassing is that!!!

In the case of our mutual friend, she has some warped up idea of wanting to maintain "friendship" with the exbf. I think she tries too hard that it makes her look like a cheap slut (well, she is huh? hahaha!). Some more the guy told her in her face to go away... and still she keeps asking him out!!


alex said...

ey tan i dont think tis our mutual fren. i would know if she got ditch ya know.

Perks, whoever that girl is, she sure is onehelluva desperado! N a crazee 1 too!!

savante said...

OMG Who is this sad desperate friend of yours!

Perky said...

Oh thank God i wasn't talking by myself. If not that would've made me a desperado too huh ;)

Hahaha! Oh gosh, how i wish it was her coz that would mean i only know 1 crazy girl. But they are very similar though.

Both oso don't know that ppl don't wanna hang out with them but still die die oso wanna ajak ppl keluar over n over n over again.

Haha! I really kesian you though.. she keeps calling you at odd hours to "talk". But look at it this way la babes, now you don't need to watch soap opera coz she brings all that drama to you ;) LOL!!!

Hehehe. Like i said, i ain't naming names darling ;)