Dec 6, 2008

Undecided on My Facelift

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I've been toying with the idea of getting my own domain for quite some time now. It's most likely going to happen... I've been reading up a lot on this matter, so I suppose the transition will be rather smooth (I'll still have my blog hosted by Blogger as it's easier that way).

Anyways, getting a new domain does bring out certain issues. I mean, I like almost everything I've done for my layout, except...

Except my blog header. I honestly hate it. I simply put those pictures up because
I couldn't come up with anything better (I don't have pics that hid my face or me looking too hoochie).

So Big Fat Witch took some pics of me this evening. Mind you, the following pics are just concepts of what I intend to put up as my new blog header for my new domain, so it's very raw.

Concept 1:

Concept 2:

Concept 3:

Concept 4:

As you can see, my new prop is the pink feather boa. The reason behind that is my new domain name has got something to do with the pink feather boa (doh! Do I really need to state the obvious??) Currently, I have this wacky idea of calling my new domain "Chronicles of the Pink Feather Boa". Wacky, but my darling McChef thinks the name is too long & boring.

So I'm really, really torn. Anyways, let me know your thoughts on the concept for my new blog header as well as my new domain name. And don't hold back on the bitching criticism! :)

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9 Your say:

Twilight Zone said...

I certainly vote for Concept 2, like so classical & so queen of yesteryears. Hmmm....How about -
1. Pink Feathered Queen
2. Perky Pink The Queen of Feathers
3. Pinky Perky Feathers
4. La Isla Perky Feathers
5. Whispers of Pink Feather Boa

No 2 & 3 is also suitable for a soft porn movie.

fable frog said...

oh oh oh oh! i love the second photo! you should use second! Tyra would love that pose! first one not bad~ reminds me of carrie bradshaw's advert on the bus~ And Oh oh oh i love 4th too, so~~~~~~ "Kylie"!! love the curves~ but not 3rd one though coz' like pelacur talak business~ oopsy~ hey you ask us not to hold back our bitchin'!!

And bout' the title~ can't help you there coz' i have a sucky title too! hmmm but can consider "pretty, pink and perky"? or maybe just "pink feather boa" jer~ simple

Britt said...

I love concepts 2 & 4. They are really great photos and would make an awesome header. I like your idea for your domain name but I agree it is rather long. If you could shorten it but keep it fresh it would be perfect.

Dwayne said...

Keep it as short of domain as you can, easier for people to remember. I like all the photos.

Cromely said...

If you're going to switch, I like concept 2.

The pics in you current header are pretty nice. They have that mix of "air of mystery" and "creative whimsy."

I own both and and have them point to It seemed simple enough.

The other suggestion I would make is to make sure your blog name matches your domain name. It makes it easier to memorize. If I come directly here, instead of following a link, I forget whether I should be typing Swingmyway or Sixsenses.

lyana said...

dahhliiing- I think the feather boa will go better with a skirt than jeans (show off those gorgeous legs!)- and maybe you can go all the way with a broadway theme?

have fun with the new concept! :) and am always looking fwd to your 'chronicling' (if such a word exists).


Perky said...

Twilight Zone:
Thanks for the name ideas. Who would've thought it'd be so difficult to come up with a proper name *sigh*

Fable Frog:
You're clearly a big fan of Kylie. Actually concept 2 & 4 is inspired from her photos :) But of coz I can't don a hotpants for my blog header unless I wanna b a single woman again ;)

Thanks for the feedback! It's quite a challenge to come up with something short & memorable...

Thanks, Dwayne! :) I'll keep that in mind.

Hmm... that's going to be tough. SwingMyWay is already taken. I suppose I could always start fresh - new domain & new blog name, huh?

Hehehe... McChef would kill me if I displayed my legs for everyone to see ;)

savante said...

Love the first pic. You look fab. Call it the Pink Boa. No need long names :)

samantha a.h @ wen said...

hmmm...i still think it'll be better if you're in lil skirty...pair it up with netty leggings just for McChef's sake :D, then he can't blame you for showing too much skin :p and orh use some yellow lighting for better effects