Nov 19, 2008

Looking for a New Virtual Space?

Scribbled by Perky |

As I was going through the hassles of changing the layout for my blogsite, I encountered quite a number of issues with Blogspot. I hated that I was unable to create new pages (although there is a way to go about doing it, but that way is just too technical and tedious for me). And because of that, I have to depend heavily on widgets. Which are fine, except that using too many widgets will make the site look cluttered.

So I’ve been toying around the idea of getting my own dot com. Should I decide to make that leap of getting my own domain, I will definitely be reading up on web hosting reviews to see which web hosting service can best suit my needs.

There are so many great web hosting services out there, and at there’s a section that lists down various categories such as Best Dedicated Hosting, Best Budget Hosting, and so on.

So it really boils down to the theme or direction of your website. I’d most likely look for something under Best Blog Hosting.

To help make your decision on which web hosting service to go with, you can always read up reviews from the webmaster or other customers. So you’ll be getting real feedback from people who’ve tried their services before you.

So if you do decide to get your own domain, do read up the web hosting reviews on A little bit of research in making sure you get the best hosting service that suits your requirements will do more good than harm. Afterall, no one wants a lousy service right?

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6 Your say:

Twilight Zone said...

Good idea, get your own! I malu kuat that being in the creative industry I do encounter the hassles of changing my boring layout. Here I've enough softwares yet to master the keys & buttons, that's why tak larat to learn more when my otak start to karat. You know Fable has very vibrant blog & done favours for other bloggers, betul? Should we bribe this froggie with some nice cream cakes from Suchan to perform layout miracles? i wish that I could just cakap to the mike & my computer will auto-design for me. Got such software ke?

I still never fail to giggle when I see your yoghurt tagline!

Kat from Tough Girl 101 said...

I'm thinking about starting up my own dot com. I'm just afraid... because... it's very technical. And frightening. I'd have to dedicate a week or so to getting it done.

Perky said...

Twilight Zone:
Hey if got such software where you can speak to the mic & tell it what to do, i wan to be the 1st to have it! Hehehe...

I think Froggie has done my fren, Bibik Nyonya, such favors. But I tak boleh lah ask Froggie to do the same for me. Lagipun I barely know him! Hahaha! He might think aku lah pompuan yang paling tak malu di dunia!

p/s: That yoghurt line is from the movie Nottinghill btw :)

I hear ya on that. I'm a procrastinator. So if I get my own domain right now, it'll be months before I'm done tweaking the layout.

Fable Frog said...

Wahamboi! starting own dah~ wakakaka. Ya allah~ I am so not good with templetes and layouts! Only know make banner jer~ but you know not that i already think ko nie pompuan yg tak malu~ well... after si bibik that is~ wakakaka

Twilight Zone said...

Piak! Piak! KABOOM! Perky's fan smashing Froggie's head.....for calling out pompuan tak malu.


Perky said...

Fable Frog:
Eh but your banner very gedebas ok! Si bibik tu lah jantan paling tak tau malu lah... after you that is ;) hahahaha!

Twilight Zone:
Gasp! Wei... ganti balik my fan lah :P