Nov 15, 2008

I Used To Be a Whole Lotta Fun

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I woke up today realizing that I'll be in my 30's sooner than I'd like to be. The thing that striked me most was that I've kinda stopped having fun. I mean, I'm not saying that I'm miserable or depressed or going through some premature mid-life crisis.

Oh I'm anything but that. It's just that I've stopped doing some of the things I truly enjoyed. It's tough being a working gal. By the time I come home from work, all I wanna do is chill out in front of the tv and sleep.

Once in a blue moon I'll pick up my trusty Fender (she's trusty because she's never failed me no matter how crappy I play). But other than that, you can most definitely find me on the couch watching tv.

My underused white Strat... but she still sings like a beauty :)

I used to

inline skate. This was almost a daily ritual for me and was a good way to keep in shape. Cuts and bruises were worn like a badge of honor. When I moved to Kuala Lumpur to work, I left my skates back home, leaving this hobby behind too.

Me skating at the skatepark (or what used to be)in Kuching... probably moments before my face landed on the tar ;)

I used to

go rock climbing. I have a fear of heights and this was one way of overcoming that fear. I used to rock climb once a week with my friend. But he left to study in Australia and I just couldn't be bothered to find a replacement.

Pic from Arrowhead Pine Cone Festival

I used to

party excessively a lot. The routine was simple - the nights of Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays were devoted to clubbing and downing Vodka-related drinks (which was either served on the rocks or screwdriver).

Oh I lived for Fridays because they were a little bit special. Fridays would be our pre-clubbing get together, and that involved me and the girls sipping Margaritas at TGIF first. Then we'd head to one of the girls' home to shower & get ready for a whole night of dancing (and more drinking, of course). Most of the times (if we weren't all too drunk by then) we'd be the last to leave the club.

Pic from Online Toast writer

But these days the only drinks I drink is either beer or wine, or in other words the drinks for old people. These days I prefer to be able to hear and remember my conversations with people. And besides, how do you feel when you see a 30-something year old lady drunk and dancing on table tops? You kinda feel sad for her, don't cha? ;)

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11 Your say:

Fable Frog said...

ah~ you are still fine, plus you now have channeled all of those into camwhoring~ :P Brills!

savante said...

Darlin, you're not the only one bemoaning their age :) Now we only do tea parties unfortunately.

Kat from Tough Girl 101 said...

wow, those were some awesome things u used to do (ie skating) but I do understand the feeling of aging.

Mommie said...

I feel that way a lot! I used to be a completely different person, cool, fun, into everything. I've sky dived twice, I used to do crazy stuff...not any more...

Cromely said...

Well, if see the "30-something year old lady drunk and dancing on table tops" I'm thinking, "Awesome!" Of course, I'd be the late-30s creepy looking guy in the corner...

I've been cleaning desperately to 27 for ten years now. My grip is starting to slip.

I came up with a slogan I try to live by a afew years ago. "Don't not do stuff you enjoy for stupid reasons."

Perky said...

Fable Frog:
Hehehe... I guess the camwhoring makes up for all the other fun things I miss ;)

Oh, tea parties r fun, dear... especially if there's a hot mysterious new guy in the circle kan?

I think skating's probably the one thing I miss most from my younger days. I could still do it now but most likely I'll spend more time rubbing face with the tar. lol!

U skydived??? Whoaaa... you're super cool! I don't think I have the courage to jump out of the plane hehehe...

Hehehe... you're most likely the reason why them 30yr old ladies keep on dancing on table tops ;)

Nick Phillips said...

What? I thought a Fender was a guy guitar ... LOL!

But you're right. I've stop doing a lot of stuff too but the good news is I've started getting back into my running again (for now) ... LOL!

iceah said...

i'd like to try those stuff c:

Hey Shae! said...

I used to be a lot of fun too, but the whole work and make a living thing sort of gets in the way. ;-)

Perky said...

Nick Philips:
*gasp!* No lah, quite a no. of female artistes uses the fender, like avril lavigne who's got her own signature Telecaster, n Shakira (Strat, telecaster n Jazzmaster if I'm not mistaken).

Then give it a go! :)

Hey Shae!:
Yeah, I hear ya on that! Lol!

Mlle Linie said...

oh, i used to compose songs and forget them the next day. miss those days a lot! wished i'd harness my song writing skills, i'd probably be a song writer by now.


i miss my party days too.

*double sigh*