Nov 19, 2008

Some Things Never Get Old

Scribbled by Perky |

I'm not the flowers kinda girl, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy receiving them. Yeah there are some ladies out there who insist on a bouquet of flowers for every special occassion. But if I don't receive flowers on my birthday, it's not going to be the end of the world for me.

McChef would sometimes give me flowers to accompany a certain special event, such as Valentine's Day, anniversaries and birthdays.

But it's a pleasant surprise and a nice change to be getting flowers for absolutely no reason at all, other than him simply being sweet to me.

Flowers he got from Cameron Highlands

No, don't be silly. He didn't go all the way to Cameron Highlands to just buy me flowers (although, that would've scored major points with me)

Flowers are cheap in Cameron Highlands. Half a dozen of roses cost RM5!

And they smell really good too! Unlike the ones they sell in most florist shops.

So yeah, it's nice to receive flowers that doesn't come with messages like "I'm sorry", or "I didn't mean to blow you off for a drinking session with the boys", or "Hope this makes up for the burnt kitchen!".

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7 Your say:

Kat from Tough Girl 101 said...

I HAVE to know... who burnt down your kitchen?

Nick Phillips said...

Urmmm, I'm anxious to know about the burnt kitchen too ... LOL! Which reminds me that I haven't surprised wifey with flowers in god knows how long!

savante said...

How romantic! Hope you made it up to him :P

budleee said...

so sweet la :)

bintang said...

I usually get 3 dozens of roses for RM10 at Cameron Highlands ;)

Perky said...

Lol! My kitchen isn't exactly burnt, but it might as well could've been. It's covered in oil!!

My bf, as much as I enjoy his cooking, he's so used to having big kitchen with big fire & big wok, he's not used to working in a tiny kitchen like mine. Lol!

Nick Phillips:
Go buy her flowers! Or better yet, buy her a new bling bling to accompany the flowers ;) Now that's a surprise. hehehe...

Oh of course, my dear! ;)

Hehehe.. yeah i know! :D

Wah... now that's a bargain!

rialeilani said...

those are pretty flowers!