Dec 1, 2008

Perky's Blog Competition Give Away!

Scribbled by Perky |

Here's my very first blog competition give away (and thanks to Kat for giving me the opportunity to play a more active role on KO Bloggers).

A genie came up to you and asks you to choose between 2 options:
a) To live life as an immortal, or
b) Go back to a point in your life and make a change in your past (yes, you will still be a mortal).

Question: Which option would you choose and why?

How to enter:
1. Write a post answering my question - the more creative you are, the better!
2. Make sure that you link to this blog/competition on your post.
3. You must be a member of KO Bloggers to be a part of this contest.
4. Contest runs from Dec 1st to Dec 15th, 2008.

The Prizes:
First Place: Wins $20.00 paid via PayPal and get featured on this blog.
Second Place: Wins $10.00 paid via PayPal.
Third Place: Wins $5.00 paid via PayPal.
Everyone will get a link back from on this blog.

Just leave me a comment to let me know you did it!

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10 Your say:

savante said...

Aiya. Susah! :)

Kat from Tough Girl 101 said...

Damn, that's a good one. I must ponder before trying!

Perky said...

Oh come on. You're a fantastic writer. I'm sure this would be like jogging thru a park for you :)

Hehehe... well you've got 2 weeks to ponder babes! :)

Anonymous said...

hey Perky

Thats is a toughie!

I will be back with an answer!

Han :)

Nick Phillips said...

Haiyoh! Susah betul that question. But since I'm desperate for 20 bucks I shall attempt some lame answer for it :D

Perky said...

God's Rock Angel:
I'm looking forward to reading your entry :)

Nick Phillips:
Make sure you join our KO Bloggers network. Otherwise you won't be eligible for the cash prize k.

Dwayne said...

Here you go Perky, this is my entry

Anonymous said...

I posted eventually!!!!

Can be found here :)

Anonymous said...

Girl!!! I'm game!!! Here's my entry full of sweets, spice and everything that's nice.

Click Here

Kat from Tough Girl 101 said...

I finally did it!