Oct 10, 2008

Owning a Piece of History

Scribbled by Perky |

From time to time my mind would often wander off to a foreign place; somewhere that has thousands of miles of beaches where it’s warm year-round. I’d imagine myself walking through the town’s brick-lined streets and just admiring the townhouses with their wrought-iron balconies and long, wooden shutters. The hollow insides of many buildings enabling me to look right through them, while I browse through the many local handicraft stalls. A place that fits this description is Panama.

A place in Panama that is fast gaining momentum as the next hip tourist attraction is Casco Viejo (or Casco Antiguo as the area is officially known). It would be nice to have a place of your own when visiting this foreign city, such as the Hotel Casco Antiguo.

With interesting buildings and monuments dating to the Spanish colonial period surrounding it, the Hotel Casco Antiguois located at the heart of a UNESCO World Heritage site. Currently, this entire historic area is undergoing a major effort to restore the architecture and the culture of the area to reflect its 17th century roots.

Upon its completion, the restored Hotel Casco Antiguo will be a condominium-hotel with 34 rooms and a full complement of amenities. With open-air pool with panoramic rooftop views and a superior Mediterranean fusion restaurant, this is a the place to be when you need to go away and relax. Plus, you can always step out to enjoy the night-life and shopping.


It would make perfect sense to invest in an upcoming property such as the Hotel Casco Antiguo. I mean, why not? Foreigners in Panama have all the same property rights as its citizens, and you get to enjoy well-known investment benefits such as tax breaks, resident opportunies and usage of U.S. dollars. This place is a second home dream come true as the Hotel Casco Antiguo features the best of city life, luxurious relaxation, architecture and design, and historic influence. Register for an eBrochure Here


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ToughGirl101 said...

Ah, Panama would be beautiful, no? You describe it so well.

Perky said...

Hehehe thanks... one tries really hard from pics and movies with Panama in the background :)