Oct 24, 2008

It Can Be More Than Just Storage

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In my line of job I'm always looking for creative ways to do things. When your clients comprise of people from the corporate world, chances are they've already seen and been to similar functions. So it's always important to think outside the box in order to make my event more memorable.

One of the fun aspects in my job is thinking of what door gifts to give to our guests. Of course it'd be great if we had lots of money to throw but more often than not that is not always the case. So if I can turn a cheap gift into something that makes my guest go,"Oooh, this is cool!", then half my job is already done.

Take the flash drive, for instance. It's a popular door gift because it's cheap and it's useful. But let's face it, it doesn't make much of an impression to your guests if you just gave it out like that.

So here is where I get a bit creative. You can actually turn it into Personalized Flash Drives by making it as your invitation card to a, let's say, a party you're organizing. You can even further personalize the flash drive by having the names of your guests laser engraved onto it to make them feel special (and we all know how special everyone wants to feel, right?).

In the Personalized Flash Drives, you can have the location map to your party, the program, the dress code, etc etc. Whatever you want your guests to know about your party, you can have it all in the flash drive.

And the best part is you can also get your guests to be more involved in your party via that very same flash drive. For instance, you can ask your guests to upload their favorite music into the flash drive and bring it along to the party. Isn't it more fun when everyone contributes to making the party even more fun? :)

Personalized Flash Drives

It's personal touches like this that makes people remember you. Of course I could come up with more ways to make a simple gift even more interesting but I don't want to give out all my tricks away (at least not for free! Lol!) ;)

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ToughGirl101 said...

Those get cheaper and cheaper by the day!

Nick Phillips said...

soon they'll be giving them away free ... LOL!

Legolas said...

That's really a great idea!