Oct 22, 2008

Working on New Layout

Scribbled by Perky |

Hey guys, as you all can see, I'm currently revamping my blog as I was getting bored with the old layout. So pls be patient while I do some tweakings.

I'm gonna have my dinner now as I cannot work with an empty stomach. I'll get back to this after I've had me some grubs.

Anyways, what do you guys think of the new layout? Thumbs up or thumbs down?

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12 Your say:

Sam said...

OMG Perky, I absolutely love it! Where'd you get the template from?

savante said...

More colour! I miss your pics :)

Legolas said...

Yeah, the fan and the Cheongsam.

Perky said...

Go to http://bloggertricks.com. They've got so many nice templates there :)

Savante & Legolas:
I'm working on putting my old pics up. I'm still attached to that pic & I'd hate to see it go bcoz of this new template hehehe... *vain vain, I know*

Twilight Zone said...

Hey put back your fan & cheongsam lah. That Suzie Wong pose often lured me to stare at your blogs wildly. Anyway, your new layout is Good!

Nick Phillips said...

Not too bad, not too bad, looks more professional but I agree with Savante ... more colours :D

lyana said...


though I think you still have to put a picture of you somewhere. All that cam whoring MUST NOT go to waste. even better- do MORE. :)

take care now- and sorry, been really busy and not really reading your posts and even blogging myself. But will find the time! take care.

bintang said...

I can't see those fan & cheongsam anymore :( huhuhuhuuuu

Homely Guy said...

I like this new layout and colour scheme.

Will check out the website as i want to revamp my blog, too.

Cheers :)

Perky said...

Ok, so I've now put up my fan/cheongsam pic & added 2 more. It looks crappy to me though (bad photoshop skills).

I'm still trying to work thru this layout. Progress has been slow bcoz i don't quite understand how the xml script works *sigh*

As for adding more colours, I don't foresee that happening coz I suck at picking colors *double sigh*

Life Ramblings said...

thumbs up for the new layout.

Mlle Linie said...

looks ok.. yeah, i miss that pic too.. :)