Oct 21, 2008

The Jobs I'd Kill For

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Growing up, it was normal for kids to think about what they wanna be later when their parents decide they are no longer entitled to free meals at home. Aaaah, the journey to adulthood. The typical dream kids would have is to be doctors, firemen, policemen, President of USA, singers, actors, etc.

I was no exception. Daddy wanted me to be a doctor and for a long time, I thought it was my dream too. But I knew I could never be one: I hate needles, I gag when I’m about to cut open a living thing and the sight of blood (and not to mention the distinct blood smell) would often creep into my dreams at night.

Besides knowing that I would make a lousy doctor, I had other things in mind on what I wanted to be in life. My Top 3 Dream Jobs were:

1) Painter
No, no, not the artistic kind. I can’t even draw a straight line, let alone draw something worth looking at.

How much do you think my drawing is worth? $3million? Yeah, I thought so too. But make sure you have my “mouse” trademark at the bottom left corner.

I wanted to paint the road curbs.

No, seriously. I wanted to paint road curbs. There’s something fun and therapeutic about painting the same block of cement using only 2 colors in an orderly fashion. I would often look at the unpainted road curbs and dream about painting them. Oh, I could almost reach nirvana just thinking about it.

But I didn’t hang on to this dream very long. I told my dad about it and to my surprise, he was actually quite supportive of the idea. So he made me paint the gate walls surrounding our house in Kuching. After 15 minutes of painting under the hot sun, I went back into the house and told my dad it was a stupid idea.

2) Cashier
When I was in college I wanted to look for a part-time job because my friends were doing it and it seemed like fun (the part where they were earning their own pocket money to support their “extra curricular activities" otherwise known as clubbing).

I had my mind set on being a cashier at a hypermarket store. It seemed like a job that wouldn’t require me to exert my brain power so much. All I had to do was swipe the items across the barcode scanner and collect the money. It sounded like the perfect job to have!

I could be the greatest cashier just like Dax was in Employee of the Month

So I told my sis about it. From what she told me, it was clear to me that I wasn’t going to be able to afford even a decent glass of Margarita by being a part-time cashier. The pay was below minimum (something like RM2 per hour) and if you lose any money, they’ll take it out from your pay.

3) Tractor Driver
Most kids wanted to be racecar drivers but not me. I wanted to drive a tractor! I think I was more attracted to the idea of driving a giant machine on the road. There’s something so macho about it. Something so … man.

Fast forward to present day, I’m glad I never pursued this dream. Tractors are slow (and are also known to contribute to the sudden traffic jams on highways btw) and they’re noisy. Plus it’s no fun driving around with no air-conditioning.

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13 Your say:

savante said...

AIks. WHat kinda jobs are these?

ToughGirl101 said...

i've had mostof those jobs. Look, I promise... it sucks.

JO said...

So, what is your job right now???

When I was young I wanted to be a banker... simple dream... and I did became a banker for 10 years.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Nick Phillips said...

A Tractor driver, okayyy, a cashier I can fathom that but a road curb painter? Do they even have a job for that? LOL!

I wanted to be a priest, yeah, don't laugh, seriously ... LOL!

betchai said...

i'd like to be a painter too, even now. wonder if anyone would by any of my art work at all though :)

thanks for your blog comment.

Perky said...

I thought they were fun jobs to have hehehe...

Thank my stars I never really pursued them huh ;)

Well I'm now an event organizer. Good to know that you pursued your dream :)

Nick Phillips:
You, a priest??? ROTL LMAO!

I'm sure someone would. Afterall there's billions of ppl on this planet, so at least one of them would buy it ;) Hehehe...

Legolas said...

I did write an essay about being an engineer when I grow up, and now I am... Curses.

Judy said...

Oh dear! You were driving the wrong kind of tractor. Uncle farms; has a tractor bigger than my house! Has TV, stereo, big leather cushiony seat, AND air conditioning! Actually it's equipped better than my house too! Enjoy your blog!

Ron Jerem Lee said...

The painting is adorable, male or female bird ah?

Perky said...

Then you should've written an essay on "How to Make $ Fall into Your Lap Just Like That!" for me then... That could've come true u know! ;) Hehehe...

Serious?? Looks like I've been dreaming about the wrong kind of tractors huh. Lol!

Glad you enjoy my blog :D

Ron Jerem Lee:
It's sexless... just like Winnie the Pooh ;)

Twilight Zone said...

Your career choice was damn funny. Your blogs show that you should excel in PR line.
I also wanted to be a Monk when I partied too much like an animal & felt guilty. Uptown's Party Box used to sponsor me free jugs of Long Island for spending so much. Hell I was.... glad it's over.

budleee said...

the curbside dream was funny

but your dad was funnier by telling you to paint the gate


Perky said...

Twilight Zone:
You wanted to be a monk??? ROTL LMAO! It's hard to imagine u as one ;)

That's how daddy gets me to change my mind if he doesn't like my idea. It happens quite often too. Lol!