Oct 11, 2008

The Diva of the Family

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As you guys know, I went back to my hometown for a long needed and overdue break. Afterall, between raising millions and going around town demanding people to thank me bow to my greatness ("coz I'm just doing it for the glory" -as claimed by TheExtremist), I think I am entitled for a mini break.

(Lol! I was giggling shitless when I wrote that opening paragraph. But when someone makes that kind of remark about me, there's not much I can do but laugh it off. And what better way than to share it with you all. Oh well, my ability to make fun of myself just goes to show that I don't have a stick up my rear-end *wink*)

Anyways, me going home meant one thing: I was going to come face to face with the new princess of the family.

And the results? Clearly, I lost by 10 miles. I mean, between the Diva Wannabe, (aka This-Glory-Seeker) and the Super-Cute-as-Button Diva, the battle was clearly going her way. If she can get my dad to clean her backside after she goes to the toilet, then obviously she's the winner (not that I want my dad to clean my backside after I go... coz that'd be too weird and not to mention disturbing).

So fellas, here's pics of the babe that has kicked me off my artificial throne:

This is Hachiko (and her super diva pose if I may add! Lol!). She's now 4 months old and is clearly the darling of the family.

This is her waiting for me to open the door so she can play outside. She's at her playful stage now. I love playing hide-and-seek with her (which is now her favorite game to play).

I'd pretend to hide from her and she'd "hunt" me down. Sometimes the game can get out of hand especially at midnight because that's when she's most active (and I'm TRYING to sleep). She thinks that me lying my head down on the pillow means I still want to play. She jumping on my head while I try to get some shut eye is not fun for me.

Hachi's bored from waiting for me to open the door...

She's very attached to her human family. She'd follow any of us around as she doesn't like to be left alone. Talk about being an attention whore! Hehehe...

Sometimes when either my dad or me go into his work room, she'd follow us in and sit at our feet. Or when no one's downstairs, she'd go upstairs looking for us. And once she's found us she stays closeby.

Hachi only eats the processed cat food and specially formulated cat milk. She hasn't learned how to drink plain water yet, so she's highly dependent on us making her milk. So whenever she's thirsty, she come up to either one of us and miaws (which looks really funny because she doesn't have the voice yet. So all we see is her face going miaw but no sound coming out from her mouth). She'd also tap us on the leg and that usually indicates she's super thirsty.

Another good thing about her is that she doesn't bother us when we're eating (well, she's never known how real chicken tastes like). You know how some cats just rub against your feet & miaws when you're having dinner? Oh I hate those kind of cats.

Here she is playing between my mom's pots...

She loves to play outside. The moment she hears the door opening, she'd just run out. Good thing is she doesn't run off too far. Although she loves her freedom, she hates being far away from us. Smart cat.

This is her favorite spot when she's outside...

Once she's outside, it's really hard to catch her. She loves running under this car. Big Fat Witch is better at catching her than me. I have to resort to all sorts of tricks, such as knocking on her milk bottle or shaking her food container.

I love how soft her fur feels and how cute her big paws look. And thank God she doesn't look like the typical Persian cat (flat-nosed). I also love smelling her fur. She's got a certain cat smell to her which I don't know how to describe. Erm, you know how some people love the smell of babies? (I don't get it coz babies smell like drool & shit most times). I guess it's pretty much the same feeling.

She blends in well with the floor, doesn't she? Hehehe...

Although she loves playing in the grass, she's very clean for a cat (well, that's how my parents keep her). After she's done playing, my mom would clean her feet before she lets Hachi run inside the house. And after Hachi's done using her kitty litter, she gets all four paws and her butt cleaned & wiped! Apart from that, she also gets her weekly bath. That's how clean she really is.

It's a no-brainer that I'm madly in love with this kitten. And I miss her terribly. I think the part that sucks most about being apart from her is that I won't be around to watch her grow and by the time I go back to my hometown, she's be an adult cat already. I hope she still remembers me 'til then.

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10 Your say:

savante said...

A cat! Get a crown!

budleee said...

oooh a white RX8!!!!!!

oh yah cute cat.. :D

Ratu Syura said...

hachiko is so cuteee!! i'd be a diva if i was as cute as her too!! hehe..

ToughGirl101 said...

First off, she IS CUTE as a button. BUt I know how you feel. Duke is a great guy, but he LOVES my dog. I think my dog ousted me from my position as princess of the house. It's sad being de-throned, no?

Perky said...

Lol! A crown to go with the throne huh...

Lain pulak yang dier tengok. Hehehe... But she loves to hide under that car that it's so hard to grab her.

Ratu Syura:
Kan? :) She's shooooo kiuttt!

Lol! I guess if you're gonna get de-throned, you might as well lose to a worthy opponent, right? ;)

Legolas said...

I love cats, but unfortunately, the idea of keeping one at home is frightening.

Nick Phillips said...

Yup, you lost by a whole 10 miles, maybe even an inch or two more ... LOL!

lyana said...

see, even you 'bowed' to her greatness. super cute things are the ones taking over the world I tell you!

Anonymous said...

I love cats, and I must say Hachi is beautiful! So sad that you had to leave her behind. :-(

Thanks for visiting my blog today and leaving a comment. I hope you have success with Flipswap! :-)

Perky said...

Why would it be frightening? It's nice coming home to a pet that jumps around excitedly when it sees you :)

Nick Phillips:
Lol! I didn't wanna say that I lost a couple more inches. I tot 10 miles was bad enuff ;)

She had me at hello (or miaw) ;)

Thanks for stopping by! :D