Jul 9, 2008

What Do You Think Charity Means?

Scribbled by Perky |

It has come to my attention that someone has made a mockery out of the charity work that I've done. Now, this to me, is a very personal attack on my character.

Yes, it is part of my job to raise the millions for those charities. But do you know how much work I've put in? I went far beyond my job scope to make sure that every single recipient was the most deserving ones. Most of the ones that got selected were the ones you hardly ever heard of, because they didn't have the big financiers to help them out.

Heck, I even brought the tv crew and the fund committee into the middle of the jungle to highlight the plight of the orang asli. If I didn't care, why should I go through all that trouble? If I didn't care, I wouldn't have personally taken the tv crew there myself. If I was just doing my job, I wouldn't have put my reputation on the line and push for these people to visit the orang asli.

If I wasn't sincere about it, I could just google whatever charities we have without giving a rat's ass if they are really legit or really needy. Heck, why should I go through all that trouble of looking for those who really are in dire need of help? I didn't get a pay raise, I didn't get a promotion and not a single cent of that million went into my pocket.

How dare you make a mockery out of the work I do. Part of my job, you say. Hey asswipe, I could get other people to find those charitable organisations for me. Instead I personally attended to the matter and looked for every single one of those organisations myself. I could get someone else to push for more money to be raised, instead I personally made the phone calls to companies, begging and pleading for them to part with their money - all in the name of charity!

I do all this because I believe in helping. I do it using the name of my company as I know their name carries more weight than my own name. If I was going to help out, you can bet your ass I was going to do it in a grander scale. And you dare say that I'm stingy with my money??? Dude, I'm just using my brains to help out. You think your RM1 is going to save them?? Oh please lah!

I do all this without wanting the recognition or glory of having raised those millions. That is, until now, when you made a mockery of the work I do. You thought that just because I don't talk about those charities, you think I don't care. That I'm doing nothing about it.

So don't you dare take that away from me, you ignorant fool. You who put up this holier-than-thou bullshit.

Now, to this particular someone (yes, you, the one who has recently incurred my wrath, you know who you are), just because you don't see me handing out donations to the beggars whenever we're out for dinner doesn't mean I don't care. You don't talk so much. You also shrug these people off, you blatant hypocrite.

I'm simply being cautious with how I hand out my money. The way I see it, those beggars are sympathy exploiters. You can even call it a business if you want - RM1 for a tissue. Isn't that similar to you buying a product from a vendor? Or is that what you call donation these days?

I'm sure not all of them are con artists but how can you be sure? How do you know that the money you've just given them isn't being used to fund something illegal? Remember that time when we offered to pay for food when that beggar came to our table? He didn't want it. Now why is that? If he's genuinely in need, then shouldn't he be glad that someone offered to pay for his dinner?

And you dare mock the work I've done. What have you done for the needy?

Fuck you.

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4 Your say:

Sam said...

Fuyoh. Cool down, cool down~~~

*blow fan at you

Some people are just not worth the time. They're probably doing this so they get mentioned in your blog anyway, it's a free publicity stunt. I understand how it feels like to get the stuff you do put down as well - the last time I expressed my interest in charity, my best friend told me to get a life.

My BEST friend. So you can imagine.

Anyway, leave the low-life alone - he probably isn't worth it.

mlle linie said...

these kind of people are shallower than shit...

Anonymous said...

i know the work that you do for those charities. To raise that amount of $ in only 3-4 months is no small task & it takes a lot of heart & passion to undertake such a mammoth project.

for some1 to say it's just something that you were paid to do really reflects their own hati busuk lor. you're right about when you wana help you want it to have an impact. so yalor, Rm1 to a beggar is not going to give that impact lor.

i've seen other ppl do "charity work" b4 & sad to say, they are ppl out there who's out to do it for publicity's sake.

and this person if he/she is your friend i feel ashamed for them becoz they don't know your character as well as they should.

p/s: i agree with you on your take about the beggars at tempat makan.


Nick Phillips said...

I suppose people will always have some kind of stupid opinion. Just ignore them. You know what you're doing and the people that you do those charities for knows you do it cos you're passionate about it. So, to hell with what people say.

And I agree with you about those people who come begging at eating places. This old lady came to me while I was eating with a friend. We gave her RM1 and she went from table to table. After she was done, she walked out and got into a waiting car and they drove off! Can you beat that?