Jul 9, 2008

Will the Real Hot Mamas Please Sign Up

Scribbled by Perky |

I remember this conversation I had a couple of months back with a girlfriend of mine who was pregnant with her first child. She spoke about taking off from work and be a stay at home mom for about a year. She also mentioned that she was going to take up blogging as she she wanted to chronicle the life of being a new mom. Plus, in her mind, blogging would be a pretty darn easy thing to do – all she had to do was sit in front of the pc, type whatever came to her mind and still be able to care for her baby.

Now, if I had known what I knew now back then, I would’ve told her that she could also monetize her blog. I would’ve told her about all the opportunities I’ve had and all the wonderful people I’ve met since joining SocialSpark.

You see, at SocialSpark, it’s completely up to you to take up which opportunity suits you best. Here you don’t have to bid for the opp. As long as the opp is open and you’re qualified to write about it, you can place yourself in a queue and wait ‘til a slot is available to you. Once it is, then you have 12 hours to complete and submit the post. It’s that simple.

And when you’re not too busy looking for opps, you can also browse the site and make new friends with other mommy bloggers or any other blogger for that matter. We’re all very nice people at SocialSpark :)

So come on mommies, sign up for SocialSpark and be a part of this unique community. Getting paid to blog won’t take up too much of your time, I promise! :)

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2 Your say:

Anonymous said...

how much do they pay for the blog? range of the amount?

Perky said...

So far, the minimum payment that I've seen is either USD$5 or USD$5.50. Some sponsored posts even pay up to USD$20.

And it's completely up to you how many opps you want to take. However, you can take up a max of 3sponsored posts per day.